Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holy Crap! The lease is running out on LP National's Digs at the WaterGate Hotel!

It's true Kids.

The guys and gals over at Independent Political Report have a post up on the travail of the day up in LP National land, wherein their lease at the historic Watergate Hotel in the bowels of Washington DC is soon to expire. Heavens!

A quick read reveals that there is sentiment by some of the faithful to abandon the current prestimidigious digs for space more suited to the lowoverhead lifestyle of the LP. I concur and offer the following address as a suitable locale.

The upside is 50 acres of north Georgia mountain land complete with tantalizing traces of gold as well as   something LP National has needed for years, a potentially mobile command center that might be capable of traversing the highways and byways of our great nation to further the cause of Liberty. In an affordable fashion.

The property has fixed assets as well, this spacious structure could easily be placed into service as a server farm, meeting room or secure vault to keep National's monetary resources safe from prying eyes. There plenty of room for expansion!

The 475K price tag is a bit scary, but since National is already forking over somewhere near 10K a month for the old office, some sort of deal might be reachable. And this property has one thing that no office building in DC has.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flying Pigs, Libertarian Presidents and One Eyed Sharks

Which two things don't belong?

Hot off the wire from the Drudge Report, a one eyed shark has been found, photographed and stuffed in a jar of preservative pending being mounted on a small plaque suitable for presentation. Flying pigs can't be far behind but an actual Libertarian President, man that's total fiction. 

With all the attention currently focused on "Who's on First?" in the republican primary process there's been a total lack of national media attention to the troubles and travails of those brave souls openly seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for the Presidency. Except for here at Bludgeon & Skewer and a smattering of other Libertarian websites and blogs that are haphazardly following the process as information appears that manages to elude our spam filters.

The field is basically the same as our last report with the exception of one addition, Mr. Bill Still out of Utah. 

Heres the List from our last post on the topic back in May:

And our newest addition:
You have to hand it to the guys and gals over at Independent Political Report for keeping up with this stuff. Working stiffs like me just ain't got the time to do all that digging. I do have time to post about it though. 

I do think that the current crop of libertarian candidates seem to be  single issue candidates and I just don't think any will be able to achieve the resonance required to pull in more than the LP's traditional .5% of the national vote in the 2012 election.  And that's a rotten shame because here in Georgia we don't need to win the race but we do need our guy or gal to pull 20% of the vote to escape the ballot access trap our democrat brothers and sisters constructed in the 1940's and our republican brothers and sisters continue to support up to right freakin' now. 

What's a rogue Libertarian to do?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gold Rush in Carolina?

Maybe,  if you're a Canadian Multinational Mining Corporation.

Hot off the Drudge Report kids, Thars Micro fine sulfides of gold in them thar hills! It's not new news but it's certainly worth repeating. Please note that the mines and properties discussed in the Drudge link are in Carolina. Be advised, Georgia has at least 7 distinct gold belts of its own with similar deposits. And a few areas where you can see the gold without a microscope or horribly expensive extraction techniques.

If that has your interest then check out this little gem that's been for sale for quite a while up in Cleveland Georgia. 50 acres, $475K and a couple of adits, placer workings and other assorted relics of Georgia's gold rush. At $1600 an ounce for future delivery, you'd need to recover 296 ounces of gold to pay for it. Maybe the owner would go shares.

And here's a tasty pic of a great big ol' nugget!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Libertarian Ron Swanson for President!

If only.

Here's a link to the original graphic that's big enough to read the wit and witticisms of America's greatest fictional Libertarian.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UFOs, OWS and John Titor

Pretty cool logo Huh?

It's tied to a cat named John Titor who was supposedly a time traveler who posted into a couple of usegroups way back in 2000 and claimed to be from the future. Not a super cool future like 5941 or 111,654 but from 2036. And it's a post apocalypto 2036 at that. 

Interesting stuff, but a quick read will either suck you into the world of the Titorites or force you to hit the ol' back button and resume your inquiries into UFOs or the Occupy Wall Street cats or the latest lamentations of republican primary voters over the inevitability of secret underwear wearin' Mitt Romey losing to Rockin' Barry O next year.

And the whole time you're doing that, the nagging question at the back of your head will still be there. Why isn't there a "Draft Ron Swanson" movement a brewing in the Libertarian Party? I don't know either. There should be though. 

At this point in time I can think of no better choice than fictional Ron Swanson to carry the banner of Liberty in 2012 to 46 of the 50 states (Oklahoma, Maine, West Virginia and Connecticut excluded). He's got name recognition, face time via a successful sitcom and his character exhibits the best of my brand of Libertarianism, affinity for and expertise with firearms, modest home distilling skills and a genetic distrust of government.

It don't get no better.

Ain't gonna happen though, the LP will plod onward to Las Vegas next year and somebody's gonna wind up getting the nod from the folks at the convention. And the LP will finish another cycle of 400,000 to 500,000 votes and basically arrive right back to where they started.

Kind of like John Titor.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Undecided Ties Romney in Republican Primary in Latest Gallup Poll

Who's the candidate? Undecided's the Candidate!

Perennial favorite, Undecided, continues to manhandle his competition in the latest Gallup Poll poll released today. This unsung, unfunded and non existent candidate dropped 5% from his May poll position which had him leading the field in this years Republican Wanna-Be competition to a tie with Mitt Romney at 20% each.

Undecided's slide to a tie over actual real life republican Romney,  and substantial lead over republicans Cain, Perry, The redoubtable Ron Paul and a herd of lesser luminaries can be attributed to the increased TV presence of candidates causing concern and confusion among likely republican primary voters. The more they see of the choices they have, the less they like it.

Not to worry however. By the end of December those republican candidates with enough funding to start running TV ads will eviscerate Undecided's lead as the tiny slice of voters that participate in primaries start to compromise with their principals and pick the least worst candidate to lead the republican brand this fall. 

That's the dictat of our two party, winner take all system of politics. Two warring minority factions, the republicans and democrats, will have their champions picked by an even smaller minority within their ranks and those one of those clowns will be the next Presbo.

Scary, ain't it?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is it Time to Update The Zombie Plan?

With the Occupy Wallstreet movement beginning to expand to other locales, is it time to revise and extend any of your Zombie Plans? 

I must admit that my current Zombie Plan has not factored economic zombies into the mix of potential zombie sources, even though Zombie Banks have existed in Japan for decades.  I am counting on basic zombie behavior regardless of the infection vector and am confident the traditional remedies will apply.

Common zen savvy dictates that live bait is the best attractant for your conventional flesh eating zombie, but one has to wonder what the best attractant for economic zombies might be? Cash? Coin? Active debit cards? Tax credits?

And what do you do if, god forbid, there are simultaneous outbreaks of  traditional flesh eating zombies, economic zombies, X Box zombies and single issue voting zombies? I have a lifetime of junk collected and there's no way you could bait every possible combination. What's a prepared type person to do?

Buy more ammunition.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Crap!! "Anoymous" is gonna Crash Wall Street on Monday

Ain't Deadlines Cool ?

Not that I'm getting my hopes up but this might be the lead topic of discussion for the next few days until something happens on Monday. Or not. 

I've always had a special fascination for end of the world (EOTW) type stuff. I remember fondly how Y2K was supposed to result in all sorts of discombobulation's and totally rend the fabric of society and maybe even time itself. What a yawner that turned into. Then there was the celestial alignment thingy and a flurry of other stuff stretching back over a decade and now this little jewel.

As far as financial exposure goes, the always limited funding available for daily operations here at Bludgeon & Skewer can easily be replaced by a modest yard sale or a quick trip to the scrap yard should all of our ventures on Wall Street go Tango Uniform on Monday courtesy of the guys and gals over at "Anonymous". I am advised by my internet savvy 17 year old son that the Video above could not possibly be the work the hacker group as they don't have the rep of making threats. Direct action is supposedly their forte.

Not being a cyber-ninja, I do not know and really don't have time to find out. I suppose we'll have clarification on Monday.