Friday, June 7, 2019

Restomod Daisy 1894 Rides Again

This is a damn good lookin' Daisy Model 1894.

 It looks equally good on the other side too!

Yep, still lookin' good.

The other thing about this build is that it was so much trouble that I'm inclined not to do this again.

Instead I think I'll focus on more of these.

This was a Ebay rust bucket when I got it, you can head over to Restomoddaisy on Youtube if you want to see just how bad it was. Now it's handling like it was made for me, (OK, it was) hitting like a brick at 325FPS, stacking rounds at a consistent 1" high and 1" wide at 30 feet and cuttin' cans with ease. All I need now it one of those Austrian Hats with the feathers and some funky shorts with suspenders.