Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Daisy Model 25's rebirth

Not much to look at is it? I got this Daisy model 25 as a basketcase years ago. No stocks, an odd Hodge podge of parts , mismatched receiver and barrel assembly and no shot tube. Lots of Daisy's end up in this condition because the owner/operators (young boys) have a penchant for taking things apart and not putting them back together. Then it's off to the closet/barn/shed where it sits dormant and forgotten growing a nice patina of rust.

The stocks on this one are curly maple and look OK but they didn't come with the gun. I just wasn't happy with the thinness as I built these as straight factory style replacements. I also wasn't too keen on the rusty receiver and painted barrel and decided to finish modding it.

Step 2, if you count the first set of stocks, was to remove the rust and paint from the receiver and fireblue them. After a couple of tries it got to an acceptable level and I started looking at the wood again.

I settled on doing a glue up curly maple stock with a finger groove wrist. Probably won't do that again. I do like the transition from the wrist to the butt stock proper and I'm gonna try that again in the future.

I also broke out the gold stick and drove myself nuts trying to fill in the  oh so faint roll engraving on the receiver. It finally stayed put and is quite a nice accent to the new stock set.

A slightly better picture with reduced glare.

 The total package. Quite a long way from photo number one and hopefully good enough to keep it over the mantle, not in the shed.

The next gun on the list is a Model 94 Red Ryder with no internals or stocks and my youngest son says I need to redo it as a Fallout Las Vegas tribute. What ever that is.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cap Guns Anyone?

As mentioned in my last post, I also do cap guns. I've always felt that your first rifle should be special and I've decided to do something about it.

Here's a few photo's of some of my cap gun projects.

 All handcrafted in steel, copper and a nicely figured stock. The lock works and clicks with authority.

Another one with not so bold a stock, but a good view of the steel butt plate.

One of the few guns I've done with walnut. They're quite pleasant and traditional but no pop.

This is one of my fav's. Sort of a muskatoon with a too skinny wrist,

Here it is full size.

That's all for today. Next post, Daisy Model 25 Rest-o-mod with new butt stock and highlighted engraving!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Some new Pix

Works in progress.

I've pictured this Model 25 before and was not happy with the stock I made to the factory pattern. It now has a glue up curly maple stock that is being roughed out for finger grooves. I think it'll finish up nice.

Same gun, different angle.

This is a salvaged Model 1938B Daisy Red Rider not more than 10 years old. I picked it up a at local yard sale for a buck because of it having a flattened muzzle due to a unspecified garage mishap. It's morphed over the years from a rude and  crude hacksaw Mare's Leg to it's current state. It's fireblued, in possession  of a classic cast aluminum lever and super jazzy curly maple grip and finger grooved forearm. Shoot's well too.

The shop rack. These are mostly done. I do cap guns too.

That's all for today.