Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Third Party Throwdown: Lift Off in T-Minus 97 Minutes

It's finally freakin' done.

This election cycle  is kaput. The ballots have been cast and will soon be tabulated by the central tabulator and the results made public. What will the evening bring?

According to Madame Zelda (noted Decatur Psychic, Palm Reader and Diviner of the Future) Libertarian Brad Ploeger will indeed cause a run off in the PSC District 3 race. Republican Incumbent Chuck Eaton will continue to scowl.  No predictions where available for District 5 as on hand cash was insufficient for an second forecast.

Brad will be joining us tonight at the DeKalb LP's election night celebration so stop by and join us as we cheer his efforts as one of the LP's Citizen Politicians fighting the good fight and ensuring Libertarian concepts and ideals get into the political mix here in Georgia.

Brad is not the only LP luminary scheduled to speak tonight so stick around for commentary from Dr Don Prinz, Chair of the Mighty, Mighty DeKalb LP, Doug Harmon, Chair of the State LP and potentially a flurry of other champions of Liberty.

The gig starts swinging at 7:30P at the Famous Pub in the fabulous Toco Hills Shopping Center. Absolutely free and abundant well lit parking, huge stocks of adult beverages on tap on in the bottle and the best Tater Tots in town.

And a room full of sovereign individuals that really are planning to take over the government, and leave you the hell alone.

Monday, November 5, 2012

T-Minus 23:37 to the DeKalb LP's "Third Party Throwdown" at the Famous Pub

Under 24 hours kids.

The date and time are fast approaching for the DeKalb LP's election night gathering, better known as  "The Third Party Throwdown" at the Famous Pub in Toco Hills. The back room is ready with radio mic on stand for our scheduled speakers, the Wall-O-Flatsceens will be tuned to local TV, CNN, MSNBC, GPB, Fox and any other cable outfit covering the nights election returns. Think of it as a Libertarian Situation room with beer on tap.

Our speakers for evening are Dr. Don Printz chairman of the DeKalb LP, our candidate for PSC District 3 Brad Ploeger and Doug Harmon the chair of the Georgia LP.

There will also be a "Rush" t-shirt contest in honor of Mr. Wheatley over at Creative Loafing, but alas, no karaoke . We are also going to run an election night pool on long it takes local media to realize that Brad Ploeger is going to cause a run-off in the District 3 PSC race. We're pretty sure it's gonna happen and we're also pretty sure they haven't got a clue.

Additionally, if you had hoped to see Libertarian David Staples at the Third Party Throwdown, you won't. Candidate Staples has elected to attend the Douglas County LP's event at Oz Pizza in Douglasville on the 6th.

It's a pretty full schedule but it is a long evening. If you tire of the dreariness of local democrat gatherings or just can't take any more pompous republican posturing, then jump in the car and head over to Toco Hills and the Famous Pub. Plenty of free, free, free parking, oodles of good bar grub and bottomless vats of draft beer  stand ready to assist in your participation in the "Third Party Throwdown".

P.S. This is post number 1000 here at Bludgeon&Skewer. The undisputed anchorman of Libertarian Blogging!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stirrin' the Pot over at Fresh Loaf

Hey Kids!

The DeKalb LP's election night celebration got listed along with our democrat and republican brothers and sisters over at Fresh Loaf.


I tried to leave a comment but was foiled by their insistence that I link in through FaceBook. Mt attempt failed, but not to worry, here's a copy of what I was gonna say:

Greetings All,

It was so kind of you include our "Brad Ploeger Caused a Run-Off in PSC District 3!" and "David Staples did what to Snoozin' Stan Eaton!?" celebration over at the Famous Pub scheduled for 6 NOV 12.

I'm delighted to inform you that one our members will be modeling a "Rush" T-shirt in honor of your clever aside. We do hope that you were referring to that doughty band of canucks and not Mr. Limbaugh.

Literary taste varies greatly in the party, just don't say anything bad about Robert Heinlein.

In any event, be advised you are welcome to drop by and enjoy the atmosphere as we clap our hands in support of our underfunded, understaffed and under estimated candidates for public office.

Survey Says: Expect a Run Off in Georgia PSC District 3

If I read it on the internets, it has to be true.

Finally, some news you can use as the only public survey/poll to be conducted in the PSC District 3 race is published over at Better Georgia. The Big Big News?

Libertarian Brad Ploeger is going to cause a run off. No clean win for  sitting Incumbent Chuck Eaton, no clean win for Democrat challenger Steve Oppenheimer. Chuckles galore for us Libertarians.

It gets better kids, Commissioner Eaton has done run outta cash unless his pals over at Georgia Power can funnel some more moola into his campaign. Steve Oppenheimer is sitting a little better but not by enough to make another 30 days of campaigning a pleasant task.

Here's the relevant info from the Better Georgia Poll:

39 Certain for Steve Oppenheimer, the Democrat

44 Certain for Chuck Eaton, the Republican

6 Certain for Brad Ploeger, the Libertarian

11 Not Certain

41 Total for Oppenheimer, including Leaners

47 Total for Eaton, including Leaners

7 Total for Ploeger, including Leaners

5 Completely Undecided

-6 Democratic - Republican margin

Hmmm, I wonder which candidate Brad might endorse?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

T-Minus Five Days Until the DeKalb LP's "Third Party Throwdown" at The Famous Pub

Five more days and it's over.

At least until 2014 when the Libertarian Party of Georgia saddles up and hopefully runs another full slate of Statewide Candidates as we doggedly pursue a Gubernatorial candidate that can get 20% of the vote.

In the meantime here's a list of folks that won't be coming to the "Third Party Throwdown" at the Famous Pub next Tuesday night. We'll take bets on it.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco, what with him being dead and all.

President Barack Obama.

Republican Mitt Romney.

Republican Chuck Eaton (even though he lives around the corner).

Republican Stan Wise.

Crony Capitalists looking for a legislative edge for their competition woes.

Dependency loving Statists.

Anybody who doesn't know what TANSTAFFL means.

Which should translate into plenty-o-room for the rest of us in a convivial atmosphere as we watch the District 3 PSC race turn into a run off and the District 5 PSC contest deliver shocking results.

"Third Party Throwdown"!

The best election night party in town!