Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rocky Horror Poker Shoot in Holly Springs

Wherein I combine two unrelated events into partially plausible fiction.

Breaking news way over in Carrollton as the HPWIC (Head Politician Whats in Charge) there has cancelled an upcoming production of the stage version of the Rocky Picture Show at the local community theater to prevent any cross dressing by local denizens or citizens. Or references to cannibalism that might lead to further trouble because the economy just ain't gettin' no better. Meatloaf anyone?

Nonplussed, the cast and crew have decided to move the performance to the parking lot of Hi Caliber Firearms in Holly Springs on the 29th of September. It's the same date that Ga Rep Sean Jurgenson and 37 of his closest friends will be conducting a Poker Shoot fundraising event to help Rep. Jurgenson stave off any democrat challenge should a democrat actually be found in District 22. 

A similar event was held last year at the same facility and I wrote about it here at Bludgeon & Skewer but was unable to raise the $50.00 entry fee to compete for the fabulous prize rifle the top shooter was to win. I must note that this years guest list includes a hell of a lot of influential people, companies and others but no mention of a prize. I think that's chintzy. 

The entry "fee" has also jumped from $50 bucks to a cool $1000, but don't worry it's only fiat currency.

So I urge the readership to attend said event, watch the match and catch the show in the parking lot. A good time could be had by all!

Sean Jergusons' Annual Poker Shoot Tournament
Please Join   

Speaker David Ralston
Speaker ProTem Jan Jones

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers

Chairman Mark Hamilton
Chairman Calvin Hill
Chairman Jack Murphy
Representative Charlice Byrd
Mayor Tim Downing
The Honorable Kevin Levitas
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Dukes
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Garfalo
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Long
 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shakar
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dewrell
Connect South
Eagle Rock Distributors
Beretta Firearms, USA
The Hudson Group
True North Public Affairs
Fiveash Stanley
Piedmont Public Affairs
Chattanooga Shooting Supply
 Georgia Association of Realtors PAC 
 Pied Piper Exterminators - Steve Sandridge
Georgia Health Care Association
Georgia Link Public Affairs Group
William Woodall
Will Wingate
Terry Hobbs
John Guest
Bill Fallin
Don Cargill
Conditioned Air Association of Georgia
Georgia Food Industry Association
Grassroots Conservatives of Cherokee County

for a
Poker Shoot 


Rep. Sean Jerguson

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Time: 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

HiCaliber Firearms
 3800 Holly Springs Pkwy,
Holly Springs, GA 30115

Top Gun:       $1000.00 (10 rounds)
Marksman:     $500.00    (5 rounds)
Gun-Slinger:  $250.00    (3 rounds)
Shooter:           $50.00      (1 round)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Would a Tips Only Golf Cart Taxi be Legal in Decatur?

Sure as hell isn't in Austin.

There's a great story over at Libertarian News about the trials and tribulations of  Chris Nielsen , owner of Electric Cab of Austin and his ongoing battle with city officials and police to operate a nifty business involving electric golf carts for taxi services.

Would this concept work in Decatur?

Imagine being able to step out of  Twains and get a lift down to the square for the courtesy of a tip. Imagine doing that in a  super cool electric golfcart that you don't have to park or maintain. Imagine to reduction in traffic on those busy Friday and Saturday nights, imagine no exhaust fumes and relish the "buggy" feel these four wheel wonders provide.

It's exactly the kind of thing I'd like to see in Decatur. Hopefully, the taxi lobby isn't as entrenched here as it evidently is in Austin and there's some room for our very own Electric Cab of Decatur.

Golf Carts Rule!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Presidential Predictions Via Google Almighty

Soothsayin' time anyone?

Here's a fun experiment the readership can conduct the next time "Presidential Candidates on Parade" pops up around the dinner table. It's more fun for the entire family after you've spent at least 15 minutes dissecting the "Wasted Vote Syndrome" (WVS) and the "Lesser of Two Evils" (LOTE) arguments.

The basic premise? In accordance with the wishes of the founders, any swingin' Richard or Richardette can be President if they satisfy a few minimal requirements. Being at least 35 years old is pretty important,as well as being free of any felony level crimes or at least not getting caught at it. You also have to be a native born american and like to hang out in the good old USA. For at least 14 years. 

Could you be the next President? Use Google to find out! Just type your name into the search box and see how many returns pop up. For example, type my name "Shane Bruce" and hit enter and voila:

Shane Bruce  26,800,000 results, of which 26,899,995 have nothing to do with me.

Here's a Google rundown/Poll/mightbeinfo about the current Two Party Duopoly contenders:


Barack Obama  245,000,000 results 
(AKA Rockin' Barry O 223,000 results)


Mitt Romney 187,000,000 results

Michele Bachmann 53,700,000 results

Rick Perry 44,400,000 results

Newt Gingrich 9,340,000 results

Herman Cain  6,800,000 results

Gary Johnson  13,200,000 results

Ron Paul, a category by himself:

Ron Paul 52,200,000 results

Libertarian Candidates (Note the Lack of a Tin Hat Candidate):

Carl Person 101,000,000 results

Roger Gary 89,500,000 results

RJ Harris 43,500,000 results

Lee Wrights 1,420,000 results

Wayne Allen Root 710,000  results

Dave Redick 343,000 results

Joy Waymire 111,000 results

And for the rest of the nation:

Joe Everyman 7,520,000 results

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Three Gun Match Results are In!, The Three Gun Match Results are In!

That's right Kids, the match results from last Saturday are up for your perusal over at RBGC

Please note that that Mr. Bludgeon finished 2nd in the Iron Sights category and skunked yours truly with a whopping 25 second lead. In my own defense, it must be noted that my train ran late, I had a flat tire and my dog ate my score sheet. 

If any of the readership is unfamiliar with the basics of a three gun match, I'll attempt to do some 'splainin' about how it goes. Start with a large open air range well away from populated areas operated by an exclusive  private gun club , add 31 shooters equipped with the rifle, pistol and shotgun of their choice and construct a course of fire that mandates movement, magazine changes and multiple weapons to engage a herd of targets at different distances. Then toss in a stopwatch for additional stress. 

Great fun for all!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Inside Skinny on the State of the Race for President in LibertarianLand!

Not really breaking news, but definitely the best round up of Libertarian Presidential wanna-bees I've seen thus far. Total credit goes to the guys and gals over at Independent Political Report for publishing Jeremy Young's detailed update complete mit der web addresses of the current crop of contenders.

At present, there seems to be no clear leader in the race for the Libertarian nomination for President although a couple of guys are working it pretty hard. Lee Wrights showed up at this years state LP convention here in Georgia and was received very well I'm told. Wayne Root showed up way back in 2008 and unveiled his 20 year plan at the dinner after the convention, I decided I don't have 20 years to spend on that. There is a definite lack of a candidate for the Tin Hat wing of the party at present.

I find it remarkable that the only genuine third party in the USA with nearly nationwide ballot access only has 9 applicants to carry the banner of Liberty in next years presidential election. Granted none of them has any money, hence no shot, but only 9? In this economy a gig paying minimum wage at Mickey D's causes riots at job fairs and nobody wants to take a crack at running the free world for a cool 400K a year? With your own freakin' plane, that nifty nuclear football and rent free accommodations? 

It's not like the selection process it impossible, join the national party, go to Vegas this year for the convention, get nominated and freakin' vote. You don't have to travel the length and breath of the country to visit primaries, build nationwide name recognition and stack back hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign cash from the sale of your soul, your honor and the taxpayers money. You do have to have the moxie to actually campaign if selected, which given the non-existent funding structure of Libertarian candidates would indicate to me a great reliance on so called modern social media.

This could all be in vain based on the rumors the Gary Johnson has seen the writing on the wall and just might withdraw from the republican primary and take a little trip to Vegas himself. If that happens, it really looks like a no brainer to give the nod to him, he is  a pro after all. Two time Governor, Libertarian leaning and probably ten times the cash on hand of any our cast of 9 contenders. I don't think he'll go that route as I don't get that vibe from him in any of the videos I've seen. He's republican.

I'm going with the wide open scenario sans the GJ factor. We just need more candidates to announce, like 300 more.

Anybody game?