Thursday, August 30, 2012

Libertarian Gary Johnson Talks with Neil Cavuto down to the RNC Convention

Empty hall Facetime, Baby, Empty hall Facetime.

It's still facetime and Gary is takin' care of bidness. Like he should.

We need to take care of some bidness here in Georgia as well. Like turning out 785,000 votes for Gary this fall. 20% of the electorate. Ballot access for all partisan races in the Peach state is on the line. So get on the wagon and set off down the Liberty road.

Project 785!

20% or Bust!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Georgia Carry Convention This Saturday

I love the smell of cordite in the morning, it reminds me of victory.

The readership is invited to drop by the Georgia Carry Convention at the Cobb Galleria this Saturday and mix and mingle with Georgia's staunchest 2nd amendment activists as well as a  contingent of the Mighty, Mighty Libertarian Party of DeKalb county.

We'll be on station in the Exhibit Hall along with a slew of other vendors as well as the recruiting arm of Georgia Carry. We're pushing for broad band Liberty here in Georgia and they're leading the charge in our fair state on our firearms issues. It's a grand mix.

If you are one of the few not in the know and on the go, be advised the convention itself is a closed affair. You should have signed up well before Saturday if you wanted to attend the cornucopia of meetings and sessions this years assemblage is offering. The exhibit hall will be open to the public from 9A to 3P and that's where we will be holding forth.

See you there.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Libertarian Brad Ploeger's Interview With Project Q

PSC District 3 is heating up.

Libertarian Brad Ploeger's interview with the guys and gals over at Project Q on his campaign for the Public Service Commission District 3 race is a refreshing change. The kind of change that you expect from a Libertarian politician, you know, that uncanny ability to actually speak the truth.

The readership is encouraged to head over to Project Q and read the entire article by Matt Hennie to get a feel for the kind of man that Brad is and the kind of leadership he would bring to the PSC. Then high tail it over to Brad's website and get involved.

Ethic's matter. Vote Brad Ploeger for PSC 3! Vote Libertarian!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brand Spankin' New Gary Johnson Video

His stuff just keeps getting better and better.

The guys and gals here at Bludgeon & Skewer who also serve as ghost staff for the totally cellular, totally free of charge and totally serious Project 785 think there was a percentage of Georgian's who where not mentioned.

That's the 20% of the cream of the crop, 21st Century, let's get it done voters here in the Peach State. They're the 1 out of 5, 2 of of 10 types that are truly sick to death of the republican/democrat game of musical chairs that always results in some political hack/crony/minion/underling getting a considerable chunk of the public's purse in exchange for a paltry, below wholesale, campaign contribution.

The games so stacked that the house won't even sell you a card, but you do hold a trump. Your vote. You can waste it this November on the democrat choice or the republican choice for President or you can join with Project 785 and make that vote work.

Be Libertarian with us. Vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President!

20% or Bust!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Project 785 Update

Update Time Kids!

Project 785 rolls on as we inexorably approach this November's election. A quick check of the Google search phrase "Project 785" returns 53 million hits with numbers 1 and 2 originating right here at Bludgeon & Skewer.

Is it time to roll out the yard signs, t-shirts and ball caps? If you've got the capital to fund the effort, go for it. I'll stick to the current zero cost internet based campaign and just keep on posting about the rigged game called politics here in the great state of Georgia and the rest of the Republic.

I'm hopeful that the 31 JUL 12 massive public rejection of the ill fated T-SPLOST rip off will continue to  resonate with the voters of our state and cause an equally back handed bitch slap to be applied by Georgia voters to the entrenched republican and democrat parties come election day. Voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President can do just that.

Not happy with the current state of one party rule in Georgia? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Want more that two choices at the ballot box? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Not a democrat or a republican? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Join with the top 20% of voters in Georgia and make your voices heard, 785,000 Georgians can't be wrong!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Libertarian Brad Ploeger Declares for PSC District 3

The cats out of the bag.

Move on over Chuck Eaton and make room Steve Oppenhiemer, there's a third candidate in the mix for PSC district 3.

Libertarian Brad Ploeger took the plunge today down to the SecState's Elections division and signed zee papers to make his run for PSC 3 official.

He's got his website up and running over at Brad Ploeger for Public Service Commission and is looking for volunteers. Drop by and sign up. You can also get the real time skinny via Facebook so go hit the friend/like/whatever button and join the conversation.

Vote Libertarian! Vote Brad Ploeger for PSC 3! Vote David Staples for PSC 5! Vote Gary Johnson for President!