Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gold Rush in Carolina?

Maybe,  if you're a Canadian Multinational Mining Corporation.

Hot off the Drudge Report kids, Thars Micro fine sulfides of gold in them thar hills! It's not new news but it's certainly worth repeating. Please note that the mines and properties discussed in the Drudge link are in Carolina. Be advised, Georgia has at least 7 distinct gold belts of its own with similar deposits. And a few areas where you can see the gold without a microscope or horribly expensive extraction techniques.

If that has your interest then check out this little gem that's been for sale for quite a while up in Cleveland Georgia. 50 acres, $475K and a couple of adits, placer workings and other assorted relics of Georgia's gold rush. At $1600 an ounce for future delivery, you'd need to recover 296 ounces of gold to pay for it. Maybe the owner would go shares.

And here's a tasty pic of a great big ol' nugget!

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