Friday, July 5, 2019

Is there a Galactic market for Restomods?

Sure hope so.

The planetary market for highly modified antique Daisy products is far from brisk, minuscule would be an overstatement and sustainable is a pipe dream. Fortunately I have quite a few pipes and am a big believer in dreams.

I'm personally hoping the hoopla resonating in the UFO/Bigfoot/Paranormal communities as a result of the TicTac revelations bears fruit in the near future in the form of an official visit by at least one of the 23 races/cultures/collectives of alien/extra-dimensional/extra galactic beings to establish a trade mission. It is probably time for the planetary powers that be to admit that they've monetized everything that's nailed down and most of the moving stuff and all this secrecy is standing in the way of more profits.

So with an eye to the future I want our alien/extra-dimensional/extra-galactic brothers and sisters to know that there's at least one person on planet earth that wants to start horsetrading. That would be me, I currently have a great selection of primitive lever action bean shooters that would be the talk of the town on Cygnus 4 or any other spot in the known and unknown universe. 

If interested, drop by in one of those new scorpion shaped two seaters some of you guys have been tooling around in lately. Once you get your hands/claws/tentacles/whatever on one of these Restomod Daisy's you're gonna want take it home. 

Please note that supplies are limited and it's first landing/contact first served. I'm not inclined to accept Booliean trade units in exchange but will cheerfully complete the transaction for nugget sized diamonds, unobtanium or appropriately packaged 5 gallon containers of element 115.

See you soon!