Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is it Time to Update The Zombie Plan?

With the Occupy Wallstreet movement beginning to expand to other locales, is it time to revise and extend any of your Zombie Plans? 

I must admit that my current Zombie Plan has not factored economic zombies into the mix of potential zombie sources, even though Zombie Banks have existed in Japan for decades.  I am counting on basic zombie behavior regardless of the infection vector and am confident the traditional remedies will apply.

Common zen savvy dictates that live bait is the best attractant for your conventional flesh eating zombie, but one has to wonder what the best attractant for economic zombies might be? Cash? Coin? Active debit cards? Tax credits?

And what do you do if, god forbid, there are simultaneous outbreaks of  traditional flesh eating zombies, economic zombies, X Box zombies and single issue voting zombies? I have a lifetime of junk collected and there's no way you could bait every possible combination. What's a prepared type person to do?

Buy more ammunition.

1 comment:

  1. I have found that simply having a "volunteer" wear a jumpsuit covered with $100 bills works in all contingencies.
    Regular old shambling hordes of ravenous undead will respond to the meat. The other types retain enough consciousness to realize that cash can be exchanged for goods and services and will happily set about "re-distributing" the unfortunate, volunteer.
    Doktor Inferno