Monday, October 10, 2011

Undecided Ties Romney in Republican Primary in Latest Gallup Poll

Who's the candidate? Undecided's the Candidate!

Perennial favorite, Undecided, continues to manhandle his competition in the latest Gallup Poll poll released today. This unsung, unfunded and non existent candidate dropped 5% from his May poll position which had him leading the field in this years Republican Wanna-Be competition to a tie with Mitt Romney at 20% each.

Undecided's slide to a tie over actual real life republican Romney,  and substantial lead over republicans Cain, Perry, The redoubtable Ron Paul and a herd of lesser luminaries can be attributed to the increased TV presence of candidates causing concern and confusion among likely republican primary voters. The more they see of the choices they have, the less they like it.

Not to worry however. By the end of December those republican candidates with enough funding to start running TV ads will eviscerate Undecided's lead as the tiny slice of voters that participate in primaries start to compromise with their principals and pick the least worst candidate to lead the republican brand this fall. 

That's the dictat of our two party, winner take all system of politics. Two warring minority factions, the republicans and democrats, will have their champions picked by an even smaller minority within their ranks and those one of those clowns will be the next Presbo.

Scary, ain't it?

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