Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holy Crap! The lease is running out on LP National's Digs at the WaterGate Hotel!

It's true Kids.

The guys and gals over at Independent Political Report have a post up on the travail of the day up in LP National land, wherein their lease at the historic Watergate Hotel in the bowels of Washington DC is soon to expire. Heavens!

A quick read reveals that there is sentiment by some of the faithful to abandon the current prestimidigious digs for space more suited to the lowoverhead lifestyle of the LP. I concur and offer the following address as a suitable locale.

The upside is 50 acres of north Georgia mountain land complete with tantalizing traces of gold as well as   something LP National has needed for years, a potentially mobile command center that might be capable of traversing the highways and byways of our great nation to further the cause of Liberty. In an affordable fashion.

The property has fixed assets as well, this spacious structure could easily be placed into service as a server farm, meeting room or secure vault to keep National's monetary resources safe from prying eyes. There plenty of room for expansion!

The 475K price tag is a bit scary, but since National is already forking over somewhere near 10K a month for the old office, some sort of deal might be reachable. And this property has one thing that no office building in DC has.


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