Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flying Pigs, Libertarian Presidents and One Eyed Sharks

Which two things don't belong?

Hot off the wire from the Drudge Report, a one eyed shark has been found, photographed and stuffed in a jar of preservative pending being mounted on a small plaque suitable for presentation. Flying pigs can't be far behind but an actual Libertarian President, man that's total fiction. 

With all the attention currently focused on "Who's on First?" in the republican primary process there's been a total lack of national media attention to the troubles and travails of those brave souls openly seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for the Presidency. Except for here at Bludgeon & Skewer and a smattering of other Libertarian websites and blogs that are haphazardly following the process as information appears that manages to elude our spam filters.

The field is basically the same as our last report with the exception of one addition, Mr. Bill Still out of Utah. 

Heres the List from our last post on the topic back in May:

And our newest addition:
You have to hand it to the guys and gals over at Independent Political Report for keeping up with this stuff. Working stiffs like me just ain't got the time to do all that digging. I do have time to post about it though. 

I do think that the current crop of libertarian candidates seem to be  single issue candidates and I just don't think any will be able to achieve the resonance required to pull in more than the LP's traditional .5% of the national vote in the 2012 election.  And that's a rotten shame because here in Georgia we don't need to win the race but we do need our guy or gal to pull 20% of the vote to escape the ballot access trap our democrat brothers and sisters constructed in the 1940's and our republican brothers and sisters continue to support up to right freakin' now. 

What's a rogue Libertarian to do?

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