Sunday, April 14, 2019

Rest-O-Mod Update

Greetings All,

It's been a while since I've put up a post here at the B&S site and lots of stuff has been happening the most peculiar of which was an explosion of hits last month that I can not explain. This site's been up almost 10 years and has mostly been an exercise in futility, a pleasant enough experience for me and the tens webcrawlers that have wandered through monthly but sorely lacking the reach required to generate any kind of revenue. 

Last month was different, 3500+ webcrawlers vs. 90+ which was the standard for years.

That's kind of hard to explain so it's basically unexplainable.

I'm going with the idea that the webcrawlers bots are addicted to images of fiddleback stocked Daisy BB guns. Yeah, that's the ticket, enough of the endless AI experimentation has leaked out to the internet-o-sphere to give the webcrawlers a sense of awareness. Skynet smiles when it senses cool BB guns!

So here's some crawlerbait, lets see if the hit rate expands yet again.

A tasty pair of wide body Daisy's. Model 99 at the top, Model 95 below it. Both available to the discriminating collector for a fraction of the price of a pre-64 Winchester.

For something completely different as well as totally unnecessary, this Rest-O-Mod Mini Krink is the winning ticket. Heavy, unwieldy and indescribably cool this 400 shot repeater will do more to illustrate your lack of marksmanship skills than any device known to man. Affordably.

The ultimate combo pack! Three custom Red Ryders for the price of about 47% of one FX Crown PCP! These don't need dry air compressors by the way and the FX Crown does not have Fiddleback stocks.

Ok, these are props for a failed Steampunk movie production that focused on the Woodwind's vs. Brass war of 1817. Tempting?

Rest-O-Mod Starter pack. Some fabrication and assembly required.

That's it for crawlerbait. If by chance an actual human with an interest in this stuff stops by and wants to know more, send me an email or drop a comment and I'll see what I can do.