Saturday, October 31, 2009

We got Podcasts right here on the Bludgeon & Skewer Blog!

Hey Kids,

Looks like I finally figured out how to link to some of the podcasts I put up over at PodBean a little under a year ago. I'll be working on transferring the rest of the podcast collection from the Georgia Podcast Network archive site over to PodBean so I can link them into this blog as time goes on. If you have 13 minutes to kill, click on the title of this post as I wander around the general topic of the office of the Insurance Commissioner here in Georgia.

Lots of dead air and some minor interruptions, but hey, it's a slice of real time. Enjoy!

That crazy Republican Chick Just bailed out of the NY 23rd Race!?

Big Swings Kids, Big Swings,

Just got in from work and lo and behold, that crazy Scafuzzie chick in upstate New York just bailed out her race for a US house seat. Now it's down to Conservative/Independent Hoffa and the democrat candidate to slug it out next week for a really plumb job on Capital Hill. Who woulda thunk it?

I really believe that this is the tip of the iceberg in American Politics. Rockin' Barry O's call for change did resonate with the American people, hell, it resonated with me. I want to change a lot of things here in the good old USA, Taxes are too freakin' high, Government is too freakin' big and my freedoms are gettin' too freaking small.

And things like this race in upstate New York kinda bring that into focus. How did this Hoffa dude get on the Ballot? Are the ballot access rules in New York set up to enable an unfunded Independent/Conservative type with no party affiliation the opportunity to speak his mind to the body politic and see if any of it sticks? Must be, Hoffa's in the race and has a real shot at winning.

Too bad that kind of stuff is so much more difficult here in the great state of Georgia. Our 1943 Jim Crow ballot access laws are set up to make sure that Georgians can vote for anybody they want as long as they're republicans or democrats. The guys and gals down at the State house are fine with it and our illustrious Secretary of State Karen Handel is in complete agreement. It's a clear cut case of Georgia's political elite making sure that no rowdy voices ever surface
to challenge the conventional wisdom that keeps Georgia stuck in the past.

But things are changing, we have a damn fine Libertarian Candidate for Governor named John Monds ready to take the field in 2010. He's been joined by Chuck Donovan who has thrown his hat in the ring to challenge Johnny Isakson for his US Senate seat in 2010 as well. Could 2010 be the change we were looking for? Vote the Libertarian Ticket and see!

Lower Taxes, Smaller Government, More Freedom!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Comment at Zebby Feeds

Het Kids,

Just spreading the word about Chuck Donovan, keep in mind that you can too!

Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Greetings All,

Wonderful to see so many Libertarian Blogs in one spot. Over here at Bludgeon & Skewer we focus on politics in the great state of Georgia with a Libertarian perspective. We don't spend a lot of time on theory, we concentrate on supporting Libertarian candidates for office to the best of our ability. We did a lot of work for Allen Buckley (L) and assisted him in causing a run off for the US Senate seat in Georgia. A fine time indeed!

We're currently working to find candidates for the 2010 election cycle and are proud to announce that Chuck Donovan has declared his intent to run in the 2010 US Senate race against incumbent republican Johnny Isakson. Go Chuck!

For more info hit us up over at:

or visit his site at:

More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

10/30/2009 2:43 PM

Libertarian Chuck Donovan is running against Isakson for US Senate in 2010!

Big News Kids,

The Georgia LP has a US Senate candidate running in 2010. Chuck Donovan, ex marine fighter pilot, current airline pilot, and all around great guy has decided to take the field against Johnny Isakson and challenge him in the upcoming 2010 election.

So the Georgia LP now has a declared candidate for the Governorship and a declared candidate for the US Senate, There are also candidates for the position of Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Schools, Commissioner of Agriculture and Attorney General who are still mulling the issue over. Hopefully they'll throw caution to the winds and run! If they do, it would be the first time in Georgia that the Georgia Libertarian Party successfully fielded a complete slate of candidates for all the statewide offices we can compete for. History in the making folks, history in the making.

So stop by Chuck's website or visit him at his Facebook page and sign on as a friend or drop a dollar or two on the contribute button. And if you see an ad for one of his opponents, click on it and squeeze a little money out of them, it's good for them and they enjoy it!

More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

September Libertarian 2009 Election Update!

Hey Kids,

Just got this missive in from Georgia LP HQ!

We got four Libertarians running for office in Georgia THIS YEAR! Check 'em out below and be sure to visit their websites. If they have any ads running please click on them because they can make some money that way. That's right, you can funnel money into a Libertarian campaign with out having to stroke a check yourself. It's the miracle of Adsense, you can transfer money from the accounts of republicans and democrats into Libertarian coffers just by playing the Adsense game! You click the ad, the money shows up in the website's Adsense account and can be used to do all sorts of stuff. While you're seized with the piratical nature of this revelation, click any of the Oxendine or Handel or Deal or King Roy ads you'll find right here on this site to start the ball rolling!

Here are the Libertarian Guys and Gals currently running for office:

Karen Richardson - John's Creek City Council (running unopposed)

Richard Segal - Douglasville City Council


Plans to canvas neighborhoods and put out yard signs.

Dates & Time: Saturday, October 24th & 31st 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, October 25th & November 1st 12:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Meet at Big Lots parking lot at 6025 Fairburn Rd. From Atlanta go west on I-20 exit 37 (Fairburn Rd-Hwy 92) and turn right, a mile or two ahead on the right.

Jeffrey Sexton - Leesburg City Council

Has asked volunteers to submit editorials of support to the following:

Lee County Ledger, email

Send Squawks to the Herald via email to

Send letters to the editor to the Herald via email to

Kellie Weeks - Gainesville School Board of Education

Contact campaign or Kellie and ask, "How can you help?"

That's the crew challenging the two party duopoly this year. Send them any support you can!

Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Freedom!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Undecided" beats the Pants off the Ox, Karen Handel and Deal!

Hey Kids,

Tom Wheatley over at Fresh Loaf has all the latest news on the latest Rasmussen poll on the republican candidates for Governor. Head over and join the fun and remember to click any political ads you see on the way that features John Oxendine. With the way his crew is imploding it's doubtful he'll be able to pay his google adsense bills to much longer so it makes sense to get while the gettin' is good.

October 22nd, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Greetings All,

The latest Rasmussen poll has produced howls of laughter and gales of merriment over here at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC). We’re tickled pink that our republican brothers have spent so much time and so much money to discover that the leading candidate in the impending Governor’s race is good old “undecided”.

It looks like 2010 will be the year of the upset to us as we watch events unfold in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey with Jon “40 Million” Corzine trailing Chris “What Happened to My Lead?” Christie in Rasmussen’s poll from yesterday and some Independent dude named Dagget actually gaining poll position on both of them.

We can’t wait for tomorrows poll numbers on our democrat brothers to see just how King Roy is doing in his quest to regain the throne and finally qualify for that sweet state retirement. I mean, it’s not like any of the polling organizations will ever even try to get a grasp on the status of any Libertarian or other third party candidates since us Libertarians don’t like to spend money on commissioning polls and the rest of the third party crews might be able to scrape together enough money for a dozen Krispy Kreme’s and one cup of coffee. On a good day.

So we feel like it’s up to us to continue to chant our mantra of Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom on the off chance that somebody might listen. And we’ll continue to field candidates for state wide office here in Georgia to bring that sentiment to the public’s attention. Candidates like John Monds, our guy for Governor.

So, you can sit back with us for the next 9 or 10 months and watch our republican and democrat brothers practice self immolation and political cannibalism while they try to figure out who their chief head knocker is gonna be.

We’ll be nominating John Monds in March of next year at our statewide convention and introducing the rest of the slate of candidates that will take the field with him on his historic run for the Governorship of Georgia.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote Libertarian! Vote John Monds for Governor!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can Chris Daggett Win the New Jersey Governors Race?

Hi Kids,

So what's the New Jersey Governors race got to do with politics in Georgia you ask? A lot actually. The current race in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey has the incumbent, Jon Corzine behind a republican challenger named Chris Christie with a dude named Chris Daggett rounding out the field. In the latest Rasmussen poll on the the subject, democrat millionaire Corzine is trailing republican Christie and the only candidate to see his support grow is the independent, Chris Daggett.

So who the hell is this guy Daggett and how the hell is he gaining on his republican and democrat opponents at this late date? Considering the fact that Jon Corzine spent 40 million of his own money on his first race for the Governorship and is poised to do it again to fend off the republican Christie, how can a guy like Daggett raise enough money to compete in the closing weeks of this election? The short answer is that Daggett can't and won't. Something else is driving his poll numbers other than traditional MSM ads and direct mail. I haven't discovered any "Independent Party" websites operating in New Jersey that are beating the bushes for support for Daggett either and I don't expect to.

It looks to me that the Daggett phenomenon is a real time expression of this summers Tea Party and Town Hall fads. Our political elites are still asleep at the switch when it comes to understanding that Americans do want change and they want it now, not next year, not 3 years from now, not 5 years from now. So a guy like Daggett comes along in an off year election in a solid blue state and offers some really mild revisions for public consideration and lo and behold the public listens. Bad news for the established two party duopoly.

And the lesson that Georgians can learn from the New Jersey election is that Libertarian John Monds has a real shot at winning the Governors race next year. He won't pull 50% +1 of the vote in the general election but he will force a run off by just being on the ticket and he just might knock out the republican or the democrat candidate in the process. He won't run a multi-million dollar campaign like King Roy or Ox or Deal or whoever the republicans finally pick, it'll be more like a multi-thousand dollar campaign. He will appear at the debates and the differences between him and the republican and democrat candidates will be stark and severe. And it might give the citizens of Georgia cause for pause.

So if this Daggett dude can upset the applecart in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey next month, is that a predictor of Libertarian success in Georgia in 2010?

You betcha.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been 11 days since I last Posted!? Holy Crap!

Hi Kids,

I just realized it's been 11 days since I ventured out into the blog-o-sphere and left any tracks. The pressure of working 50 hours a week to try to replace my old job is extreme as are the labors I'm currently involved in. Just plain old hard work putting up various and sundry industrial steel structures in and around good 'ol Atlanta, GA. The upshot is that I find myself so tired at the end of the day that I have little energy left for stirring the Libertarian pot-o-politics in spite of all the cool things going on with the Ox's stupid King Rat cartoon, the current state of the water war with Florida and Alabama and of course the Man-session.

What can I say? You have to work to make money so you can pay your freakin' taxes and social security and medicare as well as keeping the boys at the State House happy. I will note, however, that they are not to interested in keeping me and mine happy. We're still stuck with Georgia's 1943 Jim Crow ballot access laws courtesy of Secretary of State Karen Handel's refusal to read Title 10 and Title 21 of the Georgia code, the health care debacle is plowing slowly forward and nobody's paying attention to the commercial real estate sector and not enough attention to the explosive growth in delinquent credit cards.

And the price of ammunition is still to freakin' high!

Well, the work load is bound to drop off here sometime in November, I'll get more sleep and have more prime time opportunity to sleuth the Internet and compose various and sundry comments on the various and sundry websites I read and re-post them here.

Content , baby, content.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Podcasts! Podcasts Podcasts!!!!

Hey Kids,

Here's episode #2 from the Communiques series we did while working on Allen Buckley's Campaign for the US Senate here in Georgia way back in 2008. We'll see if the embedded link works an provides a bit of multi media razzle dazzle to our rather pedestrian Libertarian blogging efforts.

Well that bombed out, if you want to hear the podcast, click on the title of this post and you'll be transferred to the Georgia Podcast Network archive site. Some day our internet Kung Fu will be up to the task, any cyber ninjas out there looking to do some free work for a noble cause?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Republican Eric Johnson wants to Blind his Opponents!?

Hey Kids,

Busy night over at the LCC. Big Jim Galloway has a great thread running over at Political Insider on Eric Johnson's challenge to the rest of the republican contenders to squirrel their money way in "Blind Trusts" so that the proles will think they're not cutting backroom deals to get their cut of the tax dollars sloshing through our government. Be sure to head over and join the fun and along the way, be sure to click any ad which talks about King Roy Barnes, Nathan Deal, Karen Handle and all the rest. Especially any ad that might happen to grace the pages of Bludgeon & Skewer, rest assured that any income earned will be funneled into the Skull-Duggery Unit for even more fun next fall.


October 5th, 2009
8:03 pm

Greetings All,

Man-O-Man. What a great thread! We’re captivated over here at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) at the responses to Mr. Johnson’s challenge to the rest of the republican field. A pretty standard political idea has fired up their respective bases and unleashed the hounds of hell! Who woulda thunk it? Blind trusts have been in vogue for some time with our political elite class and are commonly used to propagate the concept that while serving the people, they are turning a blind eye to their own interests. Riiiight.

We agree with many of the comments here, especially the ones that point out the self aggrandizing nature of any politician currently holding office seeking new fields to plunder. Which is why we Libertarians are so looking forward to the Governors race in 2010. Next years primaries will be better that any UFC cage match! Tongues will wag, fingers will be pointed and John Monds (L) will cause a runoff in the Governors race. You can help make that happen, Vote Libertarian! Vote John Monds for Governor in 2010!

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"Undecided" leads the way in the Mayor's Race

Hey Kids,

Scott Henry over at Fresh Loaf has a neat piece running on an anomaly in the last round of polling for the Mayor's race here in Atlanta. It seems that the supporters of Undecided are flexing their muscles and building up some momentum for the vote next month. It might be time to start clicking the political ads of all the current candidates to add to the chaos and confusion!

October 5th, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Greetings All,

There is the third possibility that the polls are reflecting the mood and will of the respondents. As more voters pay attention to the myriad of candidates running for the post of “His/Her Honor” here in Atlanta there is perhaps a sudden and growing realization that there are damn few discernible differences among the horde. I suspect if the libertarian tradition of including “None of the Above” or NOTA on every ballot were applied to this race, NOTA would in fact win the contest.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2010 Election Disaster info over at RCP

Hi Kids,

The dudes over at RCP have another installment of the Democrat/Republican soap opera up. Head over and join the fun! Remember to exercise your index finger by clicking on any political ads you see along the way! Politics is easy, fund raising is hard!

Posted by: TOT
Oct 01, 04:55 PM
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Greetings All,

I love articles that kick the can about 2010 down the road a little further, but I tire of hearing about the eternal soap opera of our democrat and republican brothers struggle for the reins of government. That's the way it is when you live in a country that has surrendered ballot access control to the two political parties that inhabit every political office in the land. I do agree with the "throw the bums out crowd" but am perplexed about who we would replace them with. In most states, ballot access is closely controlled by the very politicians who benefit most from ensuring Americans have only two choices when they step into the voting booth. They understand that limiting the public to deciding between a democrat or a republican is vital to maintaining their control of the nations purse strings and treasury. And since there is no real difference between a machine democrat or a machine republican, the citizens of our great country get hung out to dry every time.

So what to do?

You can continue to throw away your vote on the democrat or republican candidate of the season or you can vote for the Libertarian alternative if you live in a state lucky enough to have one. Consider the effect on the status quo if instead of the republicans gaining 30 seats and the democrats loosing 30 seats in the house, 30 newly elected Libertarian representatives showed up to be sworn in. 30 guys and gals whose political indoctrination consisted of watching "Mr. Smith goes to Washington". 30 guys and gals who aren't corrupt to the core, who don't have wads of lobbyist cash falling out of their pockets and who really don't know how the game in DC is played today. And really, really, really don't care.

So think about that in relation to the pivotal 2010 off cycle elections. It will be a unique point in the history of our nation in that voter turn out will be low, voter dissatisfaction will be high and the thirst for change will be unslaked.

Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, More Freedom!