Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UFOs, OWS and John Titor

Pretty cool logo Huh?

It's tied to a cat named John Titor who was supposedly a time traveler who posted into a couple of usegroups way back in 2000 and claimed to be from the future. Not a super cool future like 5941 or 111,654 but from 2036. And it's a post apocalypto 2036 at that. 

Interesting stuff, but a quick read will either suck you into the world of the Titorites or force you to hit the ol' back button and resume your inquiries into UFOs or the Occupy Wall Street cats or the latest lamentations of republican primary voters over the inevitability of secret underwear wearin' Mitt Romey losing to Rockin' Barry O next year.

And the whole time you're doing that, the nagging question at the back of your head will still be there. Why isn't there a "Draft Ron Swanson" movement a brewing in the Libertarian Party? I don't know either. There should be though. 

At this point in time I can think of no better choice than fictional Ron Swanson to carry the banner of Liberty in 2012 to 46 of the 50 states (Oklahoma, Maine, West Virginia and Connecticut excluded). He's got name recognition, face time via a successful sitcom and his character exhibits the best of my brand of Libertarianism, affinity for and expertise with firearms, modest home distilling skills and a genetic distrust of government.

It don't get no better.

Ain't gonna happen though, the LP will plod onward to Las Vegas next year and somebody's gonna wind up getting the nod from the folks at the convention. And the LP will finish another cycle of 400,000 to 500,000 votes and basically arrive right back to where they started.

Kind of like John Titor.

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  1. Eh, I don't know...
    I think I'll write in Jayne Cobb instead.

    I'm pretty sure that every presidential candidate in my lifetime has been a work of fiction anyway, so why not?

    Doktor Inferno