Friday, June 29, 2012

Project 785 Update

20% or Bust!

Update time kids, the original 785K Project has been renamed Project 785. Don't let the new moniker throw you as the whole  shebang is still oriented on getting Libertarian Gary Johnson 785,000 votes here in the great state of Georgia this November.

Chief among the motivations to make this happen is to finally get full ballot access for Georgia's Libertarian Party. Other considerations  include doing something nice for our parties current Presidential nominee, totally eclipsing our last presidential nominee's 28,000 or so votes in Georgia in 2008 and of course being able to  take a crack of the 140 or so uncontested state house and state senate seats in Georgia 2014.

That can't happen if Gary doesn't pull 785,000 votes out of the expected 4.1 million  votes that are going to be cast in Georgia in this year's Presidential contest.

Every election cycle in Georgia when we run candidates for statewide office like PSC, Insurance CommissionerGovernor, etc, we're able to pull right at 100,000 votes. That's living proof the 3-4% of the residents of our fair state just can't stand any more of the same old same old and want to see some change. Because that 100,000 vote ceiling is there, we, as a third party, have no reasonable expectation to be able to cast off the chains of our ballot access restrictions without help. 

Here's the basic proposition, Project 785 asks that 350,000 less than gruntled republicans pull the lever for Gary Johnson and are joined by an additional 350,000 unhappy democrats. Us Libertarians would crank in an additional 100,000 and voila, the ballot access barrier is flattened.  It won't change the basic outcome of the presidential race but it would change the face of politics in Georgia.

This year don't waste your vote, Don't vote for the lesser of two evils. Do the right thing and vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Help him Free Georgia!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mrs Skewer's Cyber Skills Exceed My Own

Not political, but it is fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Gary Johnson Video Tsunami Continues!

Axe grinding, Rushmore referencing, Campaigning Gary Johnson continues to hammer the point.

Join with the 785 Project and let's see if we can push 785,000 votes for Libertarian Gary Johnson this November in Georgia.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Gary Johnson Viddy from Jeremy Kareken

Nothing like Libertarian  home rolled media.

Here's a new volunteer piece from Gary Johnson supporter Jeremy Kareken. You can cruise over to his Facebook page and join in the fun!

Then roll up your sleeves and pitch in some work of your own for the 785K project here in Georgia. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The 784,897 Vote Question

Question: How many votes would take to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop called complete ballot access for the Libertarian Party in the Great State of Georgia?


A mere 20% of the votes that are likely to be cast in this years Presidential election here in Georgia. Just 20%! Why that should be slap-dash easy! It just hasn't happened since the mid 1940's when those despicable DixieCrats crafted their ballot access laws to ensure that they would never face political opposition. And it's worked ever since.

I'm a Libertarian and I ran for statewide office back in 2010 without a hope of victory. I didn't raise all that much money but I and my fellow candidates did influence the debate in all 10 of the statewide races we competed in that year. We influenced the debate, we did not achieve victory.

So the operative question in this years election cycle for Georgia Libertarians is to frame the question "What would a Libertarian Victory look like?"

784,897 votes for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson in November. That would elevate our Political Body to Political Party status and allow us to compete in State House, State Senate and US House of Representative races in Georgia WITH OUT PETITIONING.

That is victory for Georgia Libertarians, but we can't get there by ourselves as there just ain't that many of us. There are 100,000 or so Georgians who will vote Libertarian if the vote totals of the 2010 races are any indication. That's about 684,897 votes shy of what we need. Where are we gonna find that many additional votes in a Red State like Georgia?

I think Mitt Romney is on his way to a Reagan landslide this November. He's going to take Georgia without question and all of it's electoral votes if he wins by 1 vote or 100,000. That's the way it is in first past the post, winner take all politics. This state is his. And there's nothing any non-republican can do about that.

But you can vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President. You can get him over Georgia's 20% barrier and thereby break the back of republican power in this state.

That'll take the some of the sting out losing the Presidential race.

Update from DeKalb LP Chair David Montane On Tuesday's Meeting at the Famous Pub

Libertarian Party of DeKalb County

Traffic, Transit and Transportation Taxes

At our monthly meeting Tuesday night, Transportation Leadership Coalition organizer Bob Jackson will speak out against the T-SPLOST, and will bring the "NO T-SPLOST!" yard signs that we ordered.  After we hear what Bob has to say, we will spontaneously erupt into a discussion about traffic congestion, HOT lanes, MARTA buses, trains and light rail, taxis, gasoline taxes and sales taxes in the Atlanta area, and will reflect on how government has gotten us into this mess, how privatizing roads and highways would relieve congestion, and steps we as libertarians can take to help foster a free market for transportation in the area.

Since this meeting is about a 
10-county regional election, and in fact statewide, this meeting is open to all, whether you live in DeKalb county or not.

As usual, 
we will meet at The Famous Pub from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.  Hope you can make it!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Third Party-Pa-Looza At The Famous Pub On Tuesday Night

This has never happened before.

Looks like there's new sheriff in town, or at least a new spot for politically active third party types to gather and express their angst about the sorry state of affairs in our nation today. A rather remarkable convergence/confluence/potential conflagration will occur next Tuesday as the DeKalb LP and the Ron Paul Revolution/Campaign for Liberty will conduct separate meetings simultaneously at the Famous Pub in Tocco Hills.

We've been conducting our monthly meeting at The Famous Pub for around two years and are on record for singing it's praises as a prime venue for venting your spleen whilst consuming deep fried Tater Tots and your favorite adult beverage. Looks like the words getting around.

I'm assuming the Paulista's will be in the cavernous back room while we will occupy the patio as smoking is allowed there. We'll be discussing ways to drive a stake through the heart of the impending T-Splost and offering some $4 yard signs to help that effort out, they'll be examining the state of the race for Dr Paul and discussing the future of their movement.

It should be a good time for all!

Get involved in the fight for Liberty!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

How much for a Presidential Head on a Pike?

Is that like Rat-on-a-Stick?

I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and the fact that some of the crew had little chuckle with some plastic heads does not strike me as particularly offensive. I urge the producers of the show to consider utilizing this little gimmick as a new feature by allowing me and my fellow fans the opportunity to get reasonable facsimiles of our heads or other appendages on the show. If you've watched any of last seasons episodes, you know there's plenty of opportunities for "fan part" cameo appearances.

Since it is an HBO operation lets hope they don't think a brief appearance of a severed head on a cable show is worth the same as a private dinner with our current President. 80K is way too high. I'm more in favor of an internet raffle approach. That would generate a little buzz during the off season and keep us Thronies engaged until next year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Libertarian Gear

Some are fun, some are real, You decide.

Yup. Tin hats. It's been a staple joke around the LP long before I ever signed on for my first tour. Need more info, then AFDB is certainly one place you want to go as they seem quite convinced that personally fabricated Aluminum Foil Detector Beanies are the way to go. I still prefer my tin foil covered WW1 doughboy helmet to other designs.

Not sure whats in it, but it's always better to have something and not need it than the other way around. With the proliferation of zombies around the world and those pesky bath salts users, you might want to pick up an axe or a baseball bat at a local yardsale as well.

I couldn't find this on a T-Shirt, but here's some passable artwork to mod into something all your own. Nothing says Libertarian like a slice of History. And a cartoon.

Forget the plastic bag beer brewing approach. Go all out with glass carboys and stainless steel vats. Once the euro collapses and Wall Street tanks you'll at least have some product with an intrinsic value. That's real wealth.

.You can't have too many shovels. And this one is a self proclaimed Super Shovel! Just the ticket for finding that elusive pathway to China or quickly excavating field expedient underground shelters. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Diggity Damn, a Press Release from Libertarian David Staples, Running for Georgia PSC District 5

Powder Springs, GA – Last week Cobb County businessman David Staples announced his candidacy for the 5th district seat for the Public Service Commission in Georgia.

David is a native Georgian, raised in Lilburn where he graduated from Parkview High School.  He has worked in the telecommunications and information technology fields in a variety of roles including web technologies, research and development, and management.  David currently is a web technologies architect for a large equipment manufacturer where he designs and implements web-based solutions.  He is also a member of MENSA International.  David has been married five years to a LEED certified mechanical engineer and they have a one year old child who is excited to be growing up on their Cobb County farm.

As a Libertarian, David believes in the natural ability of one company or technology to freely compete against another company or technology.  For example, currently making news is the ability to enter into third party power purchase agreements – allowing third party companies to install solar panels (or other electrical generation methods) on private property and sell the generated power to the property owner directly – a process which is currently not legal in Georgia.  In this arrangement the property owner doesn’t have any upfront costs but they still receive the clean and renewable energy that they desire.  Georgia is one of only four states that do not allow these types of agreements.  David believes the answer to our ever growing energy needs is not based on just one or two types of electrical generation methods or sources, but in a portfolio of methods all competing against each other on their own merits.  As well, when looking at the long term solutions, we must find ways to generate power without polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink.  People shouldn’t have to trade their health for more reliable and safe electricity. This same logic of letting free markets work also applies to the other industries that are regulated and overseen by the PSC, and David will use the same logic when determining policies in those industries.

David also believes it is extremely important that the government be fiscally responsible with the tax dollars that it receives from its citizens.  As such, David has pledged that if elected, he will immediately ask for a 10% reduction in his salary as Public Service Commissioner.  Teachers and other public servants in Georgia have taken pay cuts and been furloughed in recent years.  The Public Service Commission should not be exempt from the same types of cuts that other departments have faced through these tough economic times.  David would also encourage cutting other PSC expenditures such as trimming down the $150k in the 2011 budget for new vehicles as one example.  When it comes to government expenditures we must ask ourselves whether it is better to take the money from taxpayers for various expenses than to let the taxpayer keep it for themselves.

As a candidate for the Libertarian Party, David will be on November 6th election ballots statewide.  You can find out more about David and his campaign on his website at

Friday, June 8, 2012


Pretty cool huh? Kinda like an espresso machine on steroids.

You can ooh and aah over the picture all you want, but you can't operate it or own it here in the great state of Georgia as it might just get used for it's intended purpose, turning 5 gallons of your favorite mash blend into 1 gallon of  95+ proof alcohol.

The Governor says no, Uncle Sam says no and the ATF can't wait to catch you as they'll get all your goodies as a result of asset forfeiture laws. A definite no win situation.

My Great Grandpa Harve Bruce was quoted once as saying "The government has no business telling me what to do with corn I grow on my own land. Cornbread or whiskey, it's my choice, not theirs"

I agree Harve, but I'm not willing to test it.

That doesn't change the coolness ratio of this rig. If only we could change the rules we live under.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DeKalb LP Update, Next Meeting Tuesday, 19 June 2012

That's right kids, it's update time for for Georgia's most active LP affiliate, the DeKalb Libertarian Party.

Want to talk about controversial stuff? So do we. What to take direct action in a political event/operation/demonstration? So do we. Want to do that in a place that sells adult beverages, allows smoking and has absolutely killer deep fried Tater Tots? Meet with us at the Famous Pub in Tocco Hills  on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 at 7:00PM and make it happen!

From the prolific pen of DeKalb LP's very own David Montane:

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Vote "NO!" on T-SPLOST
Shane, we would like to cordially invite you to attend this month's meetup of the Dekalb Libertarian Party at 7:00 on Tuesday, June 19th at The Famous Pub in Druid Hills. We will  discuss theTransportation Special Local Option Sales Tax and why we as dutiful citizens of Dekalb county should campaign against this wasteful and unwarranted tax increase, despite the unwavering support it seems to have in our local media from those who would directly benefit financially from the tax. Come to discuss this issue as well as Atlanta traffic and transportation in general, while enjoying good food and drink at the Famous Pub.

The "Transportation Leadership Coalition" is trying to find someone who can come speak to us and provide lots of ammunition for us in discussing this topic with coworkers, neighbors and friends.  We arebuying 25 "Vote NO" yard signs at $4 each, which we will pass on to anyone who comes to the meeting and donates at least $4 to the affiliate.

Come to provide valuable input as well on the various candidates running for DeKalb offices in the July 31st elections. 

Michael Rothenberg for Dekalb Superior Court Judge

A sound and responsible advocate for civil liberty, we support Michael's run and urge you to do the same! Find out how you can help out at our upcoming meeting. Try Michael's site for more info on how you can help advance the libertarian cause in our local judicial system.

U.S Census Bureau's "American Community Survey"

At our June 19th meeting we will tell you how you can avoid this blatant abuse of constitutional power by the federal government to pry into the personal and confidential information of it's citizenry and their families, all while disguising and sugarcoating the abuse with bureaucratic buzzwords and claiming the survey will help them "decide where new schools, hospitals, and fire stations are needed."

May Meeting Follow-up

Last month's topic, "The Tuskegee Syphilis Study" was interesting and informative. Dr. Printz explained the stages of the disease and gave us the history of syphilis treatment methods. He explained why the study was "needed" and why Tuskegee was chosen. Many of us were surprised to learn that Syphilis affects black men differently than white men.  After reviewing the history of the experiment and his involvement in it (he was quoted as calling it "genocide", and his boss at CDC backed him up on that), Dr. Printz asked us questions that opened up a discussion about how libertarian philosophy helps us solve ethical dilemmas in the aftermath of such government fiascos.

Discover magazine author and former Omni magazine author Sherry Baker attended and brought a list of many other occasions in which the government has unethically experimented on US citizens, usually minorities and prisoners.  She mentioned in particular a 
biological dispersion experiment in San Francisco that may have been responsible for a spike in hospital visits for pneumonia and influenza and for one death. There was discussion about the ethics of GMO foods. There was mention of possible chemicals in airplane "contrails" (condensation trails), of using thoughts to control replacement limbsand/or robots, of Transhumanismand more. After the "formal" meeting was adjourned, people stayed much longer discussing their areas of interest in smaller groups.

Gary Johnson Interview

Jason Riddle, co-host of "Butler on Business", was at the meeting as well. He alerted us that he would be interviewing Gary Johnson, our Libertarian presidential candidate, on Thursday's show (5/17/12). For those of you that missed it, that interview can be heard here. Jason and Alan promote Libertarian ideas on their radio show, which can be heard Monday through Friday mornings 10-12 on AM 1190 (as well as on podcast).

Summer Intern!

We are so pleased to have a young volunteer for the summer!  Daniel Hanfelt is a 17-year old who wanted to use his free time this summer volunteering for the party.  Much of this e-mail was written by him with very little prompting, and he has produced a top-notch announcement flyer for the meeting which he plans to post in strategic areas around the county.  If you want the announcement file so you can distribute the flyer/poster too, please let me know.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson's "Be Libertarian With Me" Video


I really like this viddy, especially the proposition that there are some axes to be ground. Nothing like a good, sharp edge on an elemental tool like an axe.

I also appreciate the contention that voting Libertarian one time does not mean you have to vote Libertarian every time. Once might be enough.

With that in mind, I'd like to see 20% of the Georgians who vote in the Presidential race this fall cast their ballots for Libertarian Gary Johnson. It would be enough to break the ballot access stranglehold our republican and democrat brothers and sisters have had on us since the 1940's and start a new era for politics in our fair state.

Imagine three choices instead of two. Dizzying ain't it?