Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Libertarian Gear

Some are fun, some are real, You decide.

Yup. Tin hats. It's been a staple joke around the LP long before I ever signed on for my first tour. Need more info, then AFDB is certainly one place you want to go as they seem quite convinced that personally fabricated Aluminum Foil Detector Beanies are the way to go. I still prefer my tin foil covered WW1 doughboy helmet to other designs.

Not sure whats in it, but it's always better to have something and not need it than the other way around. With the proliferation of zombies around the world and those pesky bath salts users, you might want to pick up an axe or a baseball bat at a local yardsale as well.

I couldn't find this on a T-Shirt, but here's some passable artwork to mod into something all your own. Nothing says Libertarian like a slice of History. And a cartoon.

Forget the plastic bag beer brewing approach. Go all out with glass carboys and stainless steel vats. Once the euro collapses and Wall Street tanks you'll at least have some product with an intrinsic value. That's real wealth.

.You can't have too many shovels. And this one is a self proclaimed Super Shovel! Just the ticket for finding that elusive pathway to China or quickly excavating field expedient underground shelters. 

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