Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Diggity Damn, a Press Release from Libertarian David Staples, Running for Georgia PSC District 5

Powder Springs, GA – Last week Cobb County businessman David Staples announced his candidacy for the 5th district seat for the Public Service Commission in Georgia.

David is a native Georgian, raised in Lilburn where he graduated from Parkview High School.  He has worked in the telecommunications and information technology fields in a variety of roles including web technologies, research and development, and management.  David currently is a web technologies architect for a large equipment manufacturer where he designs and implements web-based solutions.  He is also a member of MENSA International.  David has been married five years to a LEED certified mechanical engineer and they have a one year old child who is excited to be growing up on their Cobb County farm.

As a Libertarian, David believes in the natural ability of one company or technology to freely compete against another company or technology.  For example, currently making news is the ability to enter into third party power purchase agreements – allowing third party companies to install solar panels (or other electrical generation methods) on private property and sell the generated power to the property owner directly – a process which is currently not legal in Georgia.  In this arrangement the property owner doesn’t have any upfront costs but they still receive the clean and renewable energy that they desire.  Georgia is one of only four states that do not allow these types of agreements.  David believes the answer to our ever growing energy needs is not based on just one or two types of electrical generation methods or sources, but in a portfolio of methods all competing against each other on their own merits.  As well, when looking at the long term solutions, we must find ways to generate power without polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink.  People shouldn’t have to trade their health for more reliable and safe electricity. This same logic of letting free markets work also applies to the other industries that are regulated and overseen by the PSC, and David will use the same logic when determining policies in those industries.

David also believes it is extremely important that the government be fiscally responsible with the tax dollars that it receives from its citizens.  As such, David has pledged that if elected, he will immediately ask for a 10% reduction in his salary as Public Service Commissioner.  Teachers and other public servants in Georgia have taken pay cuts and been furloughed in recent years.  The Public Service Commission should not be exempt from the same types of cuts that other departments have faced through these tough economic times.  David would also encourage cutting other PSC expenditures such as trimming down the $150k in the 2011 budget for new vehicles as one example.  When it comes to government expenditures we must ask ourselves whether it is better to take the money from taxpayers for various expenses than to let the taxpayer keep it for themselves.

As a candidate for the Libertarian Party, David will be on November 6th election ballots statewide.  You can find out more about David and his campaign on his website at www.VoteStaples.com.

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