Friday, June 29, 2012

Project 785 Update

20% or Bust!

Update time kids, the original 785K Project has been renamed Project 785. Don't let the new moniker throw you as the whole  shebang is still oriented on getting Libertarian Gary Johnson 785,000 votes here in the great state of Georgia this November.

Chief among the motivations to make this happen is to finally get full ballot access for Georgia's Libertarian Party. Other considerations  include doing something nice for our parties current Presidential nominee, totally eclipsing our last presidential nominee's 28,000 or so votes in Georgia in 2008 and of course being able to  take a crack of the 140 or so uncontested state house and state senate seats in Georgia 2014.

That can't happen if Gary doesn't pull 785,000 votes out of the expected 4.1 million  votes that are going to be cast in Georgia in this year's Presidential contest.

Every election cycle in Georgia when we run candidates for statewide office like PSC, Insurance CommissionerGovernor, etc, we're able to pull right at 100,000 votes. That's living proof the 3-4% of the residents of our fair state just can't stand any more of the same old same old and want to see some change. Because that 100,000 vote ceiling is there, we, as a third party, have no reasonable expectation to be able to cast off the chains of our ballot access restrictions without help. 

Here's the basic proposition, Project 785 asks that 350,000 less than gruntled republicans pull the lever for Gary Johnson and are joined by an additional 350,000 unhappy democrats. Us Libertarians would crank in an additional 100,000 and voila, the ballot access barrier is flattened.  It won't change the basic outcome of the presidential race but it would change the face of politics in Georgia.

This year don't waste your vote, Don't vote for the lesser of two evils. Do the right thing and vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Help him Free Georgia!

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