Saturday, June 16, 2012

Third Party-Pa-Looza At The Famous Pub On Tuesday Night

This has never happened before.

Looks like there's new sheriff in town, or at least a new spot for politically active third party types to gather and express their angst about the sorry state of affairs in our nation today. A rather remarkable convergence/confluence/potential conflagration will occur next Tuesday as the DeKalb LP and the Ron Paul Revolution/Campaign for Liberty will conduct separate meetings simultaneously at the Famous Pub in Tocco Hills.

We've been conducting our monthly meeting at The Famous Pub for around two years and are on record for singing it's praises as a prime venue for venting your spleen whilst consuming deep fried Tater Tots and your favorite adult beverage. Looks like the words getting around.

I'm assuming the Paulista's will be in the cavernous back room while we will occupy the patio as smoking is allowed there. We'll be discussing ways to drive a stake through the heart of the impending T-Splost and offering some $4 yard signs to help that effort out, they'll be examining the state of the race for Dr Paul and discussing the future of their movement.

It should be a good time for all!

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