Sunday, June 17, 2012

The 784,897 Vote Question

Question: How many votes would take to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop called complete ballot access for the Libertarian Party in the Great State of Georgia?


A mere 20% of the votes that are likely to be cast in this years Presidential election here in Georgia. Just 20%! Why that should be slap-dash easy! It just hasn't happened since the mid 1940's when those despicable DixieCrats crafted their ballot access laws to ensure that they would never face political opposition. And it's worked ever since.

I'm a Libertarian and I ran for statewide office back in 2010 without a hope of victory. I didn't raise all that much money but I and my fellow candidates did influence the debate in all 10 of the statewide races we competed in that year. We influenced the debate, we did not achieve victory.

So the operative question in this years election cycle for Georgia Libertarians is to frame the question "What would a Libertarian Victory look like?"

784,897 votes for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson in November. That would elevate our Political Body to Political Party status and allow us to compete in State House, State Senate and US House of Representative races in Georgia WITH OUT PETITIONING.

That is victory for Georgia Libertarians, but we can't get there by ourselves as there just ain't that many of us. There are 100,000 or so Georgians who will vote Libertarian if the vote totals of the 2010 races are any indication. That's about 684,897 votes shy of what we need. Where are we gonna find that many additional votes in a Red State like Georgia?

I think Mitt Romney is on his way to a Reagan landslide this November. He's going to take Georgia without question and all of it's electoral votes if he wins by 1 vote or 100,000. That's the way it is in first past the post, winner take all politics. This state is his. And there's nothing any non-republican can do about that.

But you can vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President. You can get him over Georgia's 20% barrier and thereby break the back of republican power in this state.

That'll take the some of the sting out losing the Presidential race.

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