Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brand Spankin' New Gary Johnson Video

His stuff just keeps getting better and better.

The guys and gals here at Bludgeon & Skewer who also serve as ghost staff for the totally cellular, totally free of charge and totally serious Project 785 think there was a percentage of Georgian's who where not mentioned.

That's the 20% of the cream of the crop, 21st Century, let's get it done voters here in the Peach State. They're the 1 out of 5, 2 of of 10 types that are truly sick to death of the republican/democrat game of musical chairs that always results in some political hack/crony/minion/underling getting a considerable chunk of the public's purse in exchange for a paltry, below wholesale, campaign contribution.

The games so stacked that the house won't even sell you a card, but you do hold a trump. Your vote. You can waste it this November on the democrat choice or the republican choice for President or you can join with Project 785 and make that vote work.

Be Libertarian with us. Vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President!

20% or Bust!

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