Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Libertarian Brad Ploeger Declares for PSC District 3

The cats out of the bag.

Move on over Chuck Eaton and make room Steve Oppenhiemer, there's a third candidate in the mix for PSC district 3.

Libertarian Brad Ploeger took the plunge today down to the SecState's Elections division and signed zee papers to make his run for PSC 3 official.

He's got his website up and running over at Brad Ploeger for Public Service Commission and is looking for volunteers. Drop by and sign up. You can also get the real time skinny via Facebook so go hit the friend/like/whatever button and join the conversation.

Vote Libertarian! Vote Brad Ploeger for PSC 3! Vote David Staples for PSC 5! Vote Gary Johnson for President!

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