Friday, August 10, 2012

Georgia Carry Convention This Saturday

I love the smell of cordite in the morning, it reminds me of victory.

The readership is invited to drop by the Georgia Carry Convention at the Cobb Galleria this Saturday and mix and mingle with Georgia's staunchest 2nd amendment activists as well as a  contingent of the Mighty, Mighty Libertarian Party of DeKalb county.

We'll be on station in the Exhibit Hall along with a slew of other vendors as well as the recruiting arm of Georgia Carry. We're pushing for broad band Liberty here in Georgia and they're leading the charge in our fair state on our firearms issues. It's a grand mix.

If you are one of the few not in the know and on the go, be advised the convention itself is a closed affair. You should have signed up well before Saturday if you wanted to attend the cornucopia of meetings and sessions this years assemblage is offering. The exhibit hall will be open to the public from 9A to 3P and that's where we will be holding forth.

See you there.

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