Friday, August 3, 2012

Project 785 Update

Update Time Kids!

Project 785 rolls on as we inexorably approach this November's election. A quick check of the Google search phrase "Project 785" returns 53 million hits with numbers 1 and 2 originating right here at Bludgeon & Skewer.

Is it time to roll out the yard signs, t-shirts and ball caps? If you've got the capital to fund the effort, go for it. I'll stick to the current zero cost internet based campaign and just keep on posting about the rigged game called politics here in the great state of Georgia and the rest of the Republic.

I'm hopeful that the 31 JUL 12 massive public rejection of the ill fated T-SPLOST rip off will continue to  resonate with the voters of our state and cause an equally back handed bitch slap to be applied by Georgia voters to the entrenched republican and democrat parties come election day. Voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President can do just that.

Not happy with the current state of one party rule in Georgia? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Want more that two choices at the ballot box? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Not a democrat or a republican? Vote for Gary Johnson.

Join with the top 20% of voters in Georgia and make your voices heard, 785,000 Georgians can't be wrong!


  1. Is Gary Johnson just like the other candidates?

  2. J,

    Clever marketing. I fear your efforts here won't yield much in the way of product sales unless you introduce a line of bobble heads.