Monday, October 5, 2009

Republican Eric Johnson wants to Blind his Opponents!?

Hey Kids,

Busy night over at the LCC. Big Jim Galloway has a great thread running over at Political Insider on Eric Johnson's challenge to the rest of the republican contenders to squirrel their money way in "Blind Trusts" so that the proles will think they're not cutting backroom deals to get their cut of the tax dollars sloshing through our government. Be sure to head over and join the fun and along the way, be sure to click any ad which talks about King Roy Barnes, Nathan Deal, Karen Handle and all the rest. Especially any ad that might happen to grace the pages of Bludgeon & Skewer, rest assured that any income earned will be funneled into the Skull-Duggery Unit for even more fun next fall.


October 5th, 2009
8:03 pm

Greetings All,

Man-O-Man. What a great thread! We’re captivated over here at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) at the responses to Mr. Johnson’s challenge to the rest of the republican field. A pretty standard political idea has fired up their respective bases and unleashed the hounds of hell! Who woulda thunk it? Blind trusts have been in vogue for some time with our political elite class and are commonly used to propagate the concept that while serving the people, they are turning a blind eye to their own interests. Riiiight.

We agree with many of the comments here, especially the ones that point out the self aggrandizing nature of any politician currently holding office seeking new fields to plunder. Which is why we Libertarians are so looking forward to the Governors race in 2010. Next years primaries will be better that any UFC cage match! Tongues will wag, fingers will be pointed and John Monds (L) will cause a runoff in the Governors race. You can help make that happen, Vote Libertarian! Vote John Monds for Governor in 2010!

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