Sunday, October 25, 2009

September Libertarian 2009 Election Update!

Hey Kids,

Just got this missive in from Georgia LP HQ!

We got four Libertarians running for office in Georgia THIS YEAR! Check 'em out below and be sure to visit their websites. If they have any ads running please click on them because they can make some money that way. That's right, you can funnel money into a Libertarian campaign with out having to stroke a check yourself. It's the miracle of Adsense, you can transfer money from the accounts of republicans and democrats into Libertarian coffers just by playing the Adsense game! You click the ad, the money shows up in the website's Adsense account and can be used to do all sorts of stuff. While you're seized with the piratical nature of this revelation, click any of the Oxendine or Handel or Deal or King Roy ads you'll find right here on this site to start the ball rolling!

Here are the Libertarian Guys and Gals currently running for office:

Karen Richardson - John's Creek City Council (running unopposed)

Richard Segal - Douglasville City Council


Plans to canvas neighborhoods and put out yard signs.

Dates & Time: Saturday, October 24th & 31st 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, October 25th & November 1st 12:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Meet at Big Lots parking lot at 6025 Fairburn Rd. From Atlanta go west on I-20 exit 37 (Fairburn Rd-Hwy 92) and turn right, a mile or two ahead on the right.

Jeffrey Sexton - Leesburg City Council

Has asked volunteers to submit editorials of support to the following:

Lee County Ledger, email

Send Squawks to the Herald via email to

Send letters to the editor to the Herald via email to

Kellie Weeks - Gainesville School Board of Education

Contact campaign or Kellie and ask, "How can you help?"

That's the crew challenging the two party duopoly this year. Send them any support you can!

Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Freedom!

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