Saturday, October 31, 2009

That crazy Republican Chick Just bailed out of the NY 23rd Race!?

Big Swings Kids, Big Swings,

Just got in from work and lo and behold, that crazy Scafuzzie chick in upstate New York just bailed out her race for a US house seat. Now it's down to Conservative/Independent Hoffa and the democrat candidate to slug it out next week for a really plumb job on Capital Hill. Who woulda thunk it?

I really believe that this is the tip of the iceberg in American Politics. Rockin' Barry O's call for change did resonate with the American people, hell, it resonated with me. I want to change a lot of things here in the good old USA, Taxes are too freakin' high, Government is too freakin' big and my freedoms are gettin' too freaking small.

And things like this race in upstate New York kinda bring that into focus. How did this Hoffa dude get on the Ballot? Are the ballot access rules in New York set up to enable an unfunded Independent/Conservative type with no party affiliation the opportunity to speak his mind to the body politic and see if any of it sticks? Must be, Hoffa's in the race and has a real shot at winning.

Too bad that kind of stuff is so much more difficult here in the great state of Georgia. Our 1943 Jim Crow ballot access laws are set up to make sure that Georgians can vote for anybody they want as long as they're republicans or democrats. The guys and gals down at the State house are fine with it and our illustrious Secretary of State Karen Handel is in complete agreement. It's a clear cut case of Georgia's political elite making sure that no rowdy voices ever surface
to challenge the conventional wisdom that keeps Georgia stuck in the past.

But things are changing, we have a damn fine Libertarian Candidate for Governor named John Monds ready to take the field in 2010. He's been joined by Chuck Donovan who has thrown his hat in the ring to challenge Johnny Isakson for his US Senate seat in 2010 as well. Could 2010 be the change we were looking for? Vote the Libertarian Ticket and see!

Lower Taxes, Smaller Government, More Freedom!

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