Thursday, October 1, 2009

2010 Election Disaster info over at RCP

Hi Kids,

The dudes over at RCP have another installment of the Democrat/Republican soap opera up. Head over and join the fun! Remember to exercise your index finger by clicking on any political ads you see along the way! Politics is easy, fund raising is hard!

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Oct 01, 04:55 PM
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Greetings All,

I love articles that kick the can about 2010 down the road a little further, but I tire of hearing about the eternal soap opera of our democrat and republican brothers struggle for the reins of government. That's the way it is when you live in a country that has surrendered ballot access control to the two political parties that inhabit every political office in the land. I do agree with the "throw the bums out crowd" but am perplexed about who we would replace them with. In most states, ballot access is closely controlled by the very politicians who benefit most from ensuring Americans have only two choices when they step into the voting booth. They understand that limiting the public to deciding between a democrat or a republican is vital to maintaining their control of the nations purse strings and treasury. And since there is no real difference between a machine democrat or a machine republican, the citizens of our great country get hung out to dry every time.

So what to do?

You can continue to throw away your vote on the democrat or republican candidate of the season or you can vote for the Libertarian alternative if you live in a state lucky enough to have one. Consider the effect on the status quo if instead of the republicans gaining 30 seats and the democrats loosing 30 seats in the house, 30 newly elected Libertarian representatives showed up to be sworn in. 30 guys and gals whose political indoctrination consisted of watching "Mr. Smith goes to Washington". 30 guys and gals who aren't corrupt to the core, who don't have wads of lobbyist cash falling out of their pockets and who really don't know how the game in DC is played today. And really, really, really don't care.

So think about that in relation to the pivotal 2010 off cycle elections. It will be a unique point in the history of our nation in that voter turn out will be low, voter dissatisfaction will be high and the thirst for change will be unslaked.

Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, More Freedom!

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