Saturday, October 2, 2010

Republican Ralph Hudgens has Seen the Light on Getting Rid of Georgia's Insurance Premium Tax

Hot off the "You Gotta Pay To See It" presses of Disk Petty's InsiderAdvantage site.

Ralph's seen the light on Georgia's Insurance Premium Tax (GIPT) and publicly called for it's elimination at yesterday's roving tax reform meeting. Cha-Ching!

One of the predicted side effects of our Libertarian Ticket run in this election was that our mere presence on the ballot would drive our opponents to adopt some of our stands on selected issues. That has happened with Ralph Hudgens.

I think eliminating the Premium Tax is a great idea and call for the legislature to get busy on that. And I thought that way  back on 11 NOV 09 and 27 MAY 10  and 10 NOV 09 and 5 JUL 10. And right here, right now.

Eliminating the state Insurance Premium Tax is as Libertarian as you get. Congratulations on moving ahead on that one Ralph, now how about some Libertarian solutions to todays other problems in Georgia's Insurance Industrial complex?

Like Georgia's Health Insurance mandates. I think Ralph's leaning Libertarian on that one if what Mary Squires said at the press conference is accurate and I think it is based on the video floating around over there in democratland of Ralph saying the mandates jack up the cost of everyones health insurance. They do jack up the cost of everyones insurance.

And there's the Captive Insurance market, the uninsured motorist issue and scads of other stuff in InsuranceLand that could use Libertarian governing principles to find a solution. I'll be watching Ralph's journey of discovery  as the race draws on to see just how Libertarian he winds up.

Same Sex Marriage? Decriminalization? No death penalty? I think his head would explode if he went that far.

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