Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gary Purcell sounds like a Libertarian

Hi Kids,

Looks like Jeff Sexton over at SWGA Politics got a one on one interview with republican hopeful for Insurance Commissioner Gary Purcell. Nice video Jeff. Mr. Purcell had three big ideas, Interstate health insurance, reduce or eliminate the hidden tax on your healthcare premiums and create a high risk pool for Georgians on deaths door due to pre-existing conditions. If you'd like to see the vid, just click on this post's title and you'll be magically transported over to SWGA politics.

The neatest part of the interview was when Mr. Purcell cited the general funds share of the premium tax at roughly $350 Million a year! $350 Million a year that the citizens of the state of Georgia funnel to the guys and gals up at the state house to pay for stuff like "Go Fish"

We wish Mr. Purcell well over here at Bludgeon & Skewer, but the Insurance Commissioner field over in republican land is quite crowded and who knows who their candidate in the general will be. I do think that Mr. Purcell's big three ideas will survive into the general election because there will be Libertarian Candidate in that race.

More to follow from you friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer

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