Friday, October 1, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan and the AJC's Truth-O-Meter

Convoluted Ain't it?

There is an incredibly long post over at the AJC's Truth-O-Meter column on assertions by Libertarian Chuck Donovan that Johnny Isakson never met a spending bill he didn't like. Especially real estate related bills. 

In an in-depth review stretching back to Johnny's days in the house the Truth-O-Meter says 1/2 true. OK, half true. Which half? 

The readership is urged to head over and check it out for themselves and pose themselves the question, do I vote for a whole Senator in Chuck Donovan or settle for "Half a Man" Isakson?


  1. I'm sorry Sir! But you are very wrong! And you have done NOTHING to help matters now have you. I think Isakson is our best choice right now if we want to rid ourselves of lost jobs, and higher taxes and the health care reform bill, and the loss of our rights not to mention boarder control!!! I have on my street alone many illegals !!! It's ridiculous! And our schools are over crowded for it and our kids are suffering! It's NOT right! Vote Isakson! God bless you anyway, and may he forgive you all for what you've done to us and our Country~

  2. (I don't agree w/ what my husband wrote)
    Anyway, we have got to rid ourselves of these people. And I do believe you can do it Mr. Donovan... I plan on giving you my vote! I will have my husband turned around and make him vote for you as well! If we don't stop this mess in our Government now, we will be in a point of no return. There is a such thing.

  3. Anonymous,

    I do not seek to help matters at all concerning Senator Isakson. I seek his defeat and removal from the US Senate due to his contributions to the problems that plague your life and mine. Senator Isakson and his lukewarm conservatism is a large part of the reason we have lost jobs, have higher taxes, are faced with he disaster that is ObamaCare and the continued porous nature of our border. You are correct that it is not right, but incorrect at assigning blame to the Libertarian Party or myself.

    Do not vote for Isakson. Vote for Liberty and vote for Chuck Donovan.