Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the AJC's Georgia Election Central blog

The Chicken Neck has got to go.

I ran across the AJC's Georgia Election Central today and had to comment on the Seth Harp article from yesterday. Looks like Seth is brimming with confidence about his run for the republican nomination for the Insurance Commissioner race. I hate to bust his bubble, but over in republicanland, money talks and losers walk. I urge the readership to head over and drop some more breadcrumbs on the discussion if you're of a mind to and before you go, cruise by the sidebar and see what you can see.

Here's the post:

Greetings All,

I am sure that all nine of the republican candidates for the office of Insurance Commissioner are confident that they will emerge victorious from the impending primary. I'm also sure that just like in "HighLander", there can only be one. Which one? Based on the meager scraps of intelligence I've come across over the last few weeks, I think it'll boil down to candidate Hudgens and candidate Sheffield in the run off and I suspect that candidate Sheffield will win the day.

Which is good news for my unfunded, unstaffed campaign for the same office. I'd love to be the only Libertarian guy in the race facing a female republican lawyer who worked for the Ox for 6 years and a female democrat ex-State Rep/Senator. Nice contrast.

So please keep up the good work republicans. Make your primary as contentious as possible and get some of those back burner issues up to the front. I would suggest:

-The 45 Insurance Mandates in Georgia that all Georgians pay for whether they use them or not.

-Georgia's Insurance Premium Tax, one of the highest in the USA.

-Ethical considerations about taking campaign donations from the industries the Office of the Insurance Commissioner regulates or from the law firms that represent them.

-Georgia's ranking as the 9th most expensive state for insurance products in the USA. Why aren't we 49th like we are in education?

If you'd like know to more about me and my Libertarian campaign, good luck. It's not like we get press coverage or anything. You can head over to the FaceBook page or drop by Bludgeon & Skewer for a start.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Shane Bruce for Insurance Commissioner!

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