Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Red Ryder 3 is done (ish)

Red Ryder #3 is Daisy Model 94 Red Ryder Carbine that got rode hard and put up wet. A number of times. This one survived a crushed receiver, a failed mainspring support that was replaced by a 16 penny nail that over time bent into a pleasant "U" shape and the worst pitting I've seen so far.

It's also missing the signature latigo loop and supporting hardware as well as the the flip over peep sight/v-notch rear sight. The existing rear sight bracket does have a notch filed into it for your convenience, not a factory solution but it does work. There are also two small holes drilled into the rear of the receiver to aid in butt retention or something. This photo gives some clues as to the abuse this Red Ryder has endured.

The stocks are glue-up curly (ish) maple. They are not as vibrant as I had hoped but that is the nature of wood. This side shows some more of the waffly nature of the receiver. Still and all, the little gun shoots and has enough power for range events but does not fare well in a "Cut to Can" match.

This is the bottle cap after filing and fire bluing. An excellent example of why you're supposed to wipe everything down before making photos.

Here's a group shot of the Red Ryder gang. From the top, a Model 94 Red Ryder Carbine missing a few bits, #2 is a #111 Model 40 Rest-o-mod Red Ryder and #3 a complete Model 94 Red Ryder Carbine.

I've got a Model 111 on the bench at the moment and rustled up yet another Model 94 receiver  with no internals as well. That'll top the Red Ryder Bottlecap gang out at 5.

Until I happen upon number 6.

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