Monday, October 15, 2012

Libertarian Brad Ploeger in the News!

Earned Media, Baby, Earned Media.

Looks like the dam broke over the weekend and coverage of the PSC races here in Georgia are finally getting some attention from the media crowd here in the ATL. I personally heard Brad Ploeger's name mentioned today on AM750 WSB during one of the afternoon news breaks and there is a plethora of news articles around the state doling out bits of the skinny on the state of the race.

The bestest ones are by intrepid reporter Walter C. Jones as he has paid the most attention to the PSC campaigns thus far. Check out his piece down to the Savannah Morning News that went up this morning, the last line quote for Brad is a winner. Then skip over to the Atlanta Progressive News for a totally different kind of article with a lengthy analysis and explanation of the progressive mind set as it relates to the PSC.

After you digest all that, get get back in the saddle and toss some comments out there. You don't have to be Shakespeare eloquent or H.L. Menken terse but it would be nice to let your voice be heard, kinda like being part of the political process instead of just watching from the sidelines.

Then vote for Libertarian Brad Ploeger for Georgia PSC District 3!

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