Tuesday, October 16, 2012

News Flash! Libertarian Gary Johnson Wins Second Presidential Debate

Betcha Rockin' Barry O's rethinking that whole don't let a Libertarian in the debate exclusion thing.

There's nothing like the smell of palatable fear that emanates from the established two party system than the thought that Americans might like more that two choices off the menu. The republicans and democrats spend 99% of their time trying to reduce that choice by an order of magnitude to 1 and their heads would positively explode if the the number went as high as 3.

I am declaring Libertarian Gary Johnson the winner of tonight's Presidential  debate for the following reasons:

1. He's a Libertarian

2. He's not a republican

3. He's not a democrat.

That covers the really important stuff. The really important stuff for the citizens of Georgia to do is to vote for Gary Johnson for President come election day. I'm not talking about all Georgians, I'm only talking to the top 20% of the residents of the Peach State. The smart ones.

Consider it a dry run for the 2014 election for Governor.

20% or Bust!

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