Monday, October 8, 2012

Libertarian vs. Democrat vs Empty Chair (otherwise known as the DeKalb LP PSC District 3 debate)

The setup is done, the preliminary sound check is complete and the backroom of the Famous Pub is ready for another DeKalb LP sponsored debate.

Libertarian Brad Ploeger will be there as will Democrat Steve Oppenheimer. Like Francisco Franco, sitting Commissioner Chuck Eaton is still dead. Strike that, Eaton has yet to acknowledge our invitations.
No problem, we have an appropriately empty chair set up for him. The readership is encouraged to attend and see and hear the differences of opinion from the two challengers in this years PSC District 3 race live and in person. There's not a bad seat in the house and the Famous Pub will be happy to fulfill your orders for tasty grub or adult beverages.

If things go smoothly we should have about 30 minutes available for audience questions for Mr. Ploeger and Mr. Oppenheimer so spend some time thinking about what you would ask your Public Service Commissioner if you had the opportunity.

Since Commissioner Eaton won't be there, you can ask his chair.

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