Monday, February 6, 2012

News Flash from the Mighty, Mighty Dekalb LP!

Libertarian Party of DeKalb

Meeting follow-up

As expected, at the annual business meeting on January 17, we elected Barbara Rickard to continue as our Secretary/Treasurer, and me to be our Chairman.  However, Brian Fenton is currently distracted with personal matters, so we all coaxed one of our regular attendees, architect Boyd Leyburn, to be our Vice Chairman.  Also, unofficially, Shane Bruce volunteered to work on increasing membership this year, using new experimental methods. He'll be known as the "Libertarian Wrangler".  If you have any ideas about how to find new Libertarian Party members in DeKalb County, you can e-mail him  Also be sure to check out his clever musings and rants on the "Bludgeon and Skewer" blog ( Attorney Michael Rothenberg couldn't make the meeting, but he will send us his article on the IRS soon. Incidentally, he was passed over for the judge position he was seeking. (He made the semi-finals, but not the final list of two.) Governor Deal chose a Republican loyalist instead.

How to Support Ron Paul

You don't need to renounce your party membership to join in the excitement of the Ron Paul campaign in Georgia!  Mark Augustyn spent some time with us explaining how Republican delegates are chosen here in Georgia. Most of them are chosen by participants in the party process, not at the state primaries!  The first date to mark on your calendar is the precinct-level meeting on Saturday, February 18, from 9:00 AM to Noon.  You show up, sign a form and pay $25. Then you can either volunteer as a delegate or an alternate for Ron Paul, or you can help elect a Ron Paul delegate and alternate to go to the county-wide meeting in March. Some additional details can be found here:  For more information, e-mail Mark  He has also set up a Meetup group. Click here for more information:

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