Monday, February 6, 2012

Libertarian Wrangler?

Possibly not the best descriptor to use for a functional title, but it beats the hell out of mailboy.

That's right kids, I'm the newly acknowledged Libertarian Wrangler for the DeKalb LP and it falls to me to figure out how to crack the single largest corundum facing my affiliate and all the others in the USA. How do you increase the number of card carrying Libertarians in DeKalb County?

Perhaps free Hats? A recent free beer experiment failed to produce any measurable increase in attendance although it would be hard to prove by looking at the bar bill. Libertarians like to drink, and talk and fume about a host of issues but I have yet to see any serious part time proselytizing like those Jehovah cats do. I'm not sure that model works anyway and who has time or inclination to knock on doors at random in the hopes of locating politically like minded individuals that might be amenable to sign on for a hike through LibertyLand? 

Like I said, it's a problem that has afflicted us Libertarians for the last 30 years but as Libertarian Wrangler here in DeKalb county I intend to conduct some experiments with novel methods for attracting new members to at least catch up with Doug Harman's crew up in Athens.

The readership is encouraged to share any ideas or experiences they have had in increasing membership rolls, at least the ones that worked. Don't worry about ideas that sound absolutely bizarre, we're Libertarians, you can't out-bizarre us.

Hey, how about a Bizarro-Libertarian membership? You don't join the party, you just vote for our candidates when you can. There's 10,000 Bizarro-Libertarians in DeKalb county and 95,000 in Georgia. I know because they cast their ballots for me way back in 2010!

And no, you don't get a free T-Shirt.

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