Monday, February 13, 2012

Job Operknockaity

Hot off of CraigsList Kids!

Looks like somebody in Atlanta is looking to get into the suddenly lucrative firearms themed television production industry. The apparent commercial success of Red Jacket, American Guns and others has savvy media types scrambling to find and field their  very own niche programming for the well heeled 2nd amendment crowd.

I stumbled across this today whilst scanning for other items and felt compelled to respond.

The advert:
Major Cable Network looking for expert gunsmith (TBD)

We need the best and baddest gun builder/gunsmith/gun rehab dude for a competition show. We need someone who is schooled in antique guns, who can build one from scratch, who all around loves guns.

BIG personalities are welcomed.

Please send a photo and a description of what your skills are.

My Response:

RE: Major Cable Network looking for expert gunsmith

Greetings All,

Congratulations for having the most interesting post on Craigslist today.

I am intrigued by your advert and would like to know more. While I am very conversant in all the required activities and am in procession of a galactic sized personality, I must inform you that I am not capable of or inclined to build any firearm from scratch.

Want to know how I work on camera? Go here:

Want to know how and what I think? Try

Lastly, What's the first rule of Gunfighting?


Shane Bruce

The readership is encouraged to respond to the ad as well as there is no way of knowing just what they might be looking for. I do recall one of our Douglas County LP members fitting the bill pretty well, but sadly, I just can't recall the name of the shop.

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