Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gary Johnson Update

Six days and no announcement?

It's starting to look like Gary Johnson is getting cold feet about renouncing his lengthy period of republicanosity and hooking up with the LP for a crack at the best temp job on the planet. The surge of postings and speculation has pretty much faded and good ol' Gary is continuing to  trudge along on his republican primary treadmill to nowheresville.

Can't say I blame him. Maybe he got a good look at the organization he was fixin' to pitch in with and realized "Hey, they have ballot access in 46 out of 50 states but they got no money." That can be sobering thought for a candidate with aspirations beyond one race not to mention that the republican party can be pretty hard on folks who wander off the reservation for the greener grass of Liberty. Just ask Bob Barr.

I would prefer the LP find a suitable candidate from existing LP stock for next years party with Romney and Obama and we do have more than three candidates working the ropes. Any one of them will pull the 500,000 or so votes the LP always gets in these affairs and do a fine job representing the Libertarian Party and it's platform. 

Granted, none of them are real sizzlers, none of them have held elected office and none of them are millionaires but each of them was Libertarian before it was cool. Except maybe that Bill Still cat, but that'll get sorted out at next years convention.

Speaking of conventions, the Georgia LP is having it's annual soiree in Athens next year on 24-25 February. I mistakenly mentioned in the previous post that it was scheduled for March and that was not an attempt to mislead any Johnson-O-Philes out there. Ya'll still have plenty of time to turn Libertarian if your boy actually decides to make a move.

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