Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holy Crap! Looks Like Republican Gary Johnson is Jumping Ship!!!

Check it out, he doesn't even have to scrub the word "Republican" from his current campaign site!

The words out Kids.

The state of the race in LibertyLand is about to receive a seismic shock when Republican candidate for President, Ex-Gov Gary Johnson announces tomorrow that he's gonna seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party for next years big shindig. OK, maybe not tomorrow, maybe Friday, or next week or next month. Sometime soon for sure.

The guys and gals over at Independent Political Report have the inside skinny on the latest developments and Loads-O-Links to other blogs and sites that are reporting on the situation. It really is the biggest news in LibertyLand at the moment, even overshadowing Libertarian candidate for President Carl Person sacking his campaign manager for not driving the campaign bus in the correct manner.

So the next move for all you Johnson-O-Philes  here in Georgia is:

1. Pony up the annual $25 dollar state of Georgia LP admission fee.

2. Sign the Oath of Non-Initiation of Violence (You do get to slap back with no penalty).

3. Start making plans to pack the state convention in Athens in March and send your delegates to Vegas! 25 true Johnson believers should be sufficient to make that happen.

I'm sure he'll do as good a job as the last republican we nominated!


  1. Convention is in Athens on February 24-25! Go Dawgs!

  2. Correction Noted Sir. I shall repost the date.