Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updated Gary Johnson Update

Luftship! Launch the Gary Johnson Trial Balloon!

What a difference 5 hours can make. And the Thursday news cycle fetish. 

I could take complete credit for forcing Gary Johnson to take one more baby step towards actually, officially, really, really announcing his intention to appear in Las Vegas and sweep a swooning LP convention into his oh so Presidential arms like Rhett did with Scarlett. It's not really credible, but I could still say it.

I guess I'll decline the opportunity.

So the current situation has potential Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson making the official announcement on the 28th in Santa Fe in the company of the redoubtable Mark Hinkle, LP National Chairman, and scads of lesser luminaries, minions and underlings. Sounds like a party!

Speculation on why the process is taking so long in this digital age include the need for candidate Johnson to launch and land a trial balloon to see if any heads explode over there in RepublicanLand as the realization sinks in that this Johnson guy might "Nader" Romney come next November. To a lesser degree the same effect might be felt by Rockin' Barry O himself if word actually gets out that Johnson's LP compliant platform includes eliminating the war on drugs, gettin' government out of the marriage bizness and bringing our boys and girls home from WheretheHellisthatStan. Or least from Germany.

The trial balloon seems to working as a quick review of today's news stories on the event number in the 300+  range from traditional print/TV/media outlets. 300 + 1 if you count this blog.
The attendant comment trails provide an interesting read as things haven't gotten quite dire enough for an eruption of "WVS" or "LOTE" posts as yet. Give it time.

Of course, this being a LibertyLand thing, just because Gary announces his intentions does not automatically mean the rank and file Libertarians at the Vegas convention are gonna plop a first round nomination in his lap just for showing up. In the fractious world of participating Libertarian politics he's gonna have to deal with the various and sundry wings that make up the party faithful just like our republican and democrat brothers and sisters do. That means somebody is gonna get screwed to make make somebody else happy. That works in a multi-state selection process spread out over most a year, it's tough to do over two days when every swinging richard or richardette there knows what you told the last guy you spoke to.

And don't forget, there's still plenty-O-time left until May! Just about anything can happen.

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