Monday, September 5, 2011

The Inside Skinny on the State of the Race for President in LibertarianLand!

Not really breaking news, but definitely the best round up of Libertarian Presidential wanna-bees I've seen thus far. Total credit goes to the guys and gals over at Independent Political Report for publishing Jeremy Young's detailed update complete mit der web addresses of the current crop of contenders.

At present, there seems to be no clear leader in the race for the Libertarian nomination for President although a couple of guys are working it pretty hard. Lee Wrights showed up at this years state LP convention here in Georgia and was received very well I'm told. Wayne Root showed up way back in 2008 and unveiled his 20 year plan at the dinner after the convention, I decided I don't have 20 years to spend on that. There is a definite lack of a candidate for the Tin Hat wing of the party at present.

I find it remarkable that the only genuine third party in the USA with nearly nationwide ballot access only has 9 applicants to carry the banner of Liberty in next years presidential election. Granted none of them has any money, hence no shot, but only 9? In this economy a gig paying minimum wage at Mickey D's causes riots at job fairs and nobody wants to take a crack at running the free world for a cool 400K a year? With your own freakin' plane, that nifty nuclear football and rent free accommodations? 

It's not like the selection process it impossible, join the national party, go to Vegas this year for the convention, get nominated and freakin' vote. You don't have to travel the length and breath of the country to visit primaries, build nationwide name recognition and stack back hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign cash from the sale of your soul, your honor and the taxpayers money. You do have to have the moxie to actually campaign if selected, which given the non-existent funding structure of Libertarian candidates would indicate to me a great reliance on so called modern social media.

This could all be in vain based on the rumors the Gary Johnson has seen the writing on the wall and just might withdraw from the republican primary and take a little trip to Vegas himself. If that happens, it really looks like a no brainer to give the nod to him, he is  a pro after all. Two time Governor, Libertarian leaning and probably ten times the cash on hand of any our cast of 9 contenders. I don't think he'll go that route as I don't get that vibe from him in any of the videos I've seen. He's republican.

I'm going with the wide open scenario sans the GJ factor. We just need more candidates to announce, like 300 more.

Anybody game?

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