Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Three Gun Match Results are In!, The Three Gun Match Results are In!

That's right Kids, the match results from last Saturday are up for your perusal over at RBGC

Please note that that Mr. Bludgeon finished 2nd in the Iron Sights category and skunked yours truly with a whopping 25 second lead. In my own defense, it must be noted that my train ran late, I had a flat tire and my dog ate my score sheet. 

If any of the readership is unfamiliar with the basics of a three gun match, I'll attempt to do some 'splainin' about how it goes. Start with a large open air range well away from populated areas operated by an exclusive  private gun club , add 31 shooters equipped with the rifle, pistol and shotgun of their choice and construct a course of fire that mandates movement, magazine changes and multiple weapons to engage a herd of targets at different distances. Then toss in a stopwatch for additional stress. 

Great fun for all!

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