Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Gold Nuggets


  1. Family oral legend. No written documentation:

    Spaniards from FLorida snuck up to Georgia on a regular basis to look for the yellow rock.

    My father's family was originally known [in Spanish] The Key. Anglicized to La Kay and then to Lakey. With the Lakins, we are all over the Carolinas.

    John 'Fidelity' Edwards' big legal break thru came with a client named Lakey.

    again, no written documentation! DNA testing any one ?????????

    Also, over half of the 'Native Americans' (Original Immigrants ???????) are other than Siberians.

    This includes Europeans whom brought the Clovis Spear Point to the Western Hemisphere via the Ireland to New Found Land ice bridge of 12000 BCE.

    From the Salutrian area near the base of the Perannies Mountains.

    Ah, near present day Spain.

  2. Bully for you sir.

    My family's oral legends from my father's side had us show up 1750ish as indentured servants. The original Bruce got the lay of the land and merrily skipped out of the agreement to head west at the earliest opportunity.

    No written documentation either.