Sunday, June 5, 2011

Athens Area LP Update

That's the looking best LP affiliate Logo in the entire US of A! It's got the tree that owned itself, the counties served by the affiliate and the dominate All Caps LIBERTARIANS. No guess work required!

Looks like June is going to be a busy month for the guys and gals up Athens way as their county commission does not favor having a vote on Sunday sales at the same time as having a vote on ELOST (Edumacation Local Option Sales Tax). The commissioners, knowing the education and political leanings of thier constituents are worried that having to make two choices in a special election would cause said constituents to have conniption fits. They are also worried that having Sunday sales on the same ballot might drive up participation thus dooming the ELOST.

And that's not all, AthFest is 25 JUN 11 and IT ROCKS! The man who should be our US Senator, Libertarian Chuck Donovan and I were in attendance last year and the only event that rivaled AthFest was Atlanta's Gay Pride Parade. Mark that down on your calendar and attend, it's worth the effort.

Here's the press release from the Athens LP, if you'd like your own, contact them and they'll slap you on the mailing list.

Athens Libertarian Party Calls For Sunday Sales Referendum Vote!

For the moment the "Sunday Sales" Referendum vote won't be on the November Special Election Ballot. As reported by the Athens Banner Herald, on May 29, 2011,  "Athens-Clarke commissioners say they are delaying a referendum on Sunday package sales until next year's presidential primaries." And the reason for this delay appears to be due to the special election in November, itself.  There is currently a special election scheduled for Novemeber to vote on a continuation of the Education Local Option Sales Tax, or ELOST and at least one commissioner has gone on record saying: "We don't want to clutter up the ELOST vote," Commissioner Alice Kinman said. "I don't think it's good to have those two hitched together." Commissioners say they are concerned that Sunday sales could draw opponents to the polls who also would vote against the Education Local Option Sales Tax,which will fund school construction.
It appears that the Athens Clarke County Commission wants to manipulate the outcome of an election by denying the citizens of Athens Clarke County more than one item on the ballot.
 There is also mention in the story that the County doesn't have the money to hold a special election, and that the special election is currently being held by the Clarke County School District.  According to Doug Lowery, ACC Commissioner District 1, it would cost Athens Clarke County $54,000 to vote on Sunday Sales, money the School District budgeted, but not the County.  This seems a little ridiculous, since the County Board of Elections is responsible for all elections, not the School District, there will already be a special election in November and to add another issue to an electronic ballot will cost exactly zero dollars. Sounds like more double talk to confuse the issue of the ACC Commission's attempt to manipulate the ballot.
The next Athens Clarke County Commission meeting will be held June 7, at 7:00pm.  Their agenda can be foundhere. As you can see from the agenda, there is no scheduled disscussion about the Sunday Sales Referendum, so if you would like to speak to the Commission about the issue, you will have to wait for all other business to be completed and Citizen Input is called for under "Item J".  It will be a long night indeed, but you are encouraged to go to the meeting and be heard.

AthFest is Coming!!!!!

The Athens Area Libertarian Party will be operating an outreach booth again this year at AthFest, onSaturday June 25th. Last year's outreach has been reported by the Georgia State Libertarian Party as being one of the most successful of the year!  We hope to expand on the momentum generated by last months involvement in the Athens Human Rights Festival and have an even better booth this year.  Last year we administered the "Worlds Smallest Political Quiz" to over 170 people, many of whom were very surprised to find out that they were Libertarians and didn't even know it!  We will be finalizing our plans for the booth at our upcoming June 21st monthly meeting.   There will be sign up sheets at the meeting.


100% of The Bill Of Rights
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100% of the Time.

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