Monday, June 20, 2011

I'll Take That Job Down to the Georgia State Ethics Commission!

Check it out Kids, the Great State of Georgia's Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission is currently leaderless or soon to be.

So 80K a year ain't enough to sit on your hands in air conditioned comfort at the Sloppy Floyd Building? And lets not forget that sweet benefits package and your very own reserved parking spot, granted the cafeteria is just so-so, but it's edible. I just don't get the resignation of Director Stacy Kalberman over a 40K salary cut when they left her with 80K on the plate, It's not like the place has been pinning the ears back on corrupt politicians for years or anything. I've have to google their track record to find out if they've ever done anything and something tells me it's not worth the effort.

But, as always, I have a Libertarian solution for this seemingly intractable problem. Our great state has the cash to expand the Governor's Staff by 30% but not one dime to provide ethical oversight to our burgeoning political class. It seems to me that this calls for some volunteer work.

Who out there is likely to be motivated enough to work for free at a job with no authority, no pay and lots of folks who really want this ethics thingy to just go away? Any rock ribbed republicans? Any Blue/Red/Yellow Dog Democrats? Perhaps one of the three members of Georgia's Green Party? Or maybe a Rogue Libertarian.

I honestly think the gig could be a blast and if the FBI is willing to send Forensic Accountants down free of charge you might be able to get ahold of some interesting bits of paper as well as telling audit trails. I love trails. The only thing more fun than following blood is following money and our current crop of elected grandees sure as hell spent a bundle on the last election cycle. Lots of potential there.

Since our state is too broke to pay for this vital service, I'll be happy to take it on as a part time commisson gig. I only get paid if I nab some political type or his supporters for egregious violations of our state's ethics laws and I'm not talking about those $25 late filing fees.

Naturally I'm completely unqualified for this gig so don't expect me to fill out any applications or to provide any form of resume or curriculum vitae. Ain't gonna happen.

My offer stands, I'm willing to take on the job on a commission basis and find out how powerless the Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission really is.

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  1. And on the west coast: the official appeals board for the California Department of Veterans Affairs is CALVETS.

    Their record for over turning miscrant veterans home decisions is near zero!