Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who's On First in LibertyLand?

Rats, according to my FaceBook feed, Joyce Maurer, author and head honcho over at Libertarian Woman has declared her non candidacy for next years presidential run. I was hoping for a Georgia based Libertarian to make a bid for nomination as we have Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich sparring over there in RepublicanLand for the same gig.

Don't worry kids, there's still plenty-o-choices to be had at next years convention in Vegas. Here's a pretty good run down from the guys and gals over at Independent Political Report:

Informational Article: List of Websites of active candidates for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nomination:
So we have seven candidates in contention as of late May 2011. How many more will pop up between now and the convention? Any possibility that guy from "Parks and Recreation" might toss his hat in the ring? And what about Gary Johnson seeing the light and realizing that the republican party is not going to nominate him? Lots of possibilities as the future is indeed a dark and murky place.
The brutal reality is that who ever is selected by the party faithful in Las Vegas next year is going to underfunded, understaffed and under constant assault by his own party. It happens in the other parties too, but I think it's just more painful when card carrying, dues paid Libertarians start talking about which republican to back when there will be a Libertarian candidate on the ballot in most of the country.
Of course there is a possibility that an as yet unknown candidate could emerge that fulfills democrat operative Joe Trippi's prophecy of a dazzling internet wonder that completely destroys the existing two party duopoly with the power and thunder of social media, youtube and paypal.
That would be fun!

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