Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey, It's Endorsement-O-Rama

Hot off the presses from  the Hardest working single issue activist in Georgia, Garland Favorito!

VoterGA Supporters,

You will probably be interested to know that the Constitution Party of Georgia passed resolutions of endorsement for election bills, HB494 and HB401, at its state convention on May 7, 2011. HB494 would remove all petitioning requirements for candidates seeking ballot access in Georgia just as Florida did in 1999. HB401 calls on the Secretary of State to ensure that candidates meet constitutional requirements to be on the ballot.

The HB494 resolution explains why the petitioning requirements must be removed. It also calls on all election officials to pass HB494 during the next session of the General Assembly. The resolution is expected to be presented at the Election Advisory Council (EAC) meeting in Savannah next week. Council member, Rusty Kidd, is the author of the legislation. Alan Powell and Stephanie Benfield have co-signed the bill, thus, it is one of the only bills in the legislature that currently has sponsorship by a Democrat, a Republican and an independent. A draft of the text of the HB494 resolution can be found at:

The bill is currently in the House Governmental Affairs Committee that is chaired by Mark Hamilton, another EAC member. He and Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, the chairman of the EAC, will be instrumental in determining whether or not the bill gets a hearing in the next session. The full text of the bill can be found on the General Assembly web site at:


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